Traducción de recharge en Español:


volver a cargar, v.

Pronunciación /riːˈtʃɑːdʒ//riˈtʃɑrdʒ/

verbo transitivo

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    volver a cargar
    • At present, a single fuel cell can provide enough power to recharge a cell phone battery once.
    • As the batteries run low, patients simply strap on a power pack that recharges the batteries via radio waves beamed through their skin.
    • The voltage required to properly recharge a storage battery varies with battery temperature.
    • He also recharged the system for £40: a saving of over £1,500.
    • Instead, it uses a USB cable for hooking up to your PC, and a separate power supply for recharging the battery.
    • Use of solar panels with photo-voltaic cells to recharge batteries was ruled out because it adds cost to the cell and requires additional recharging circuitry.
    • We can recharge the battery while the USB cable is connected to the unit.
    • Users can recharge their phone or chuck it away and get another one.
    • A US developer is coming to market with a device which lets users recharge batteries using a foot-operated pump.
    • In a major technological accomplishment, the energy needed to recharge the internal battery is transmitted via radio waves - all without the need for wires.
    • The device uses magnetic inductive power transfer to recharge its battery - a method presently used to charge batteries sealed inside electric toothbrushes and shavers.
    • For recharging batteries in the field, external auxiliary power units could be used, but quieter solutions were desired.
    • On the base of the device is the cradle connector and a separate power jack, allowing you to recharge the device when you're away from your desk.
    • The larger longer term impact of hybrids will come not from greater fuel efficiency but rather from a shift toward using electric power outlets to recharge vehicle batteries.
    • Any electric car that uses batteries needs a charging system to recharge the batteries.
    • The motor's battery is recharged by an electric generator powered by a gasoline engine.
    • It uses its own braking motion to create power and recharge the battery, eliminating the need to plug it into any outside power source.
    • The fuel cell then continuously recharges the battery.
    • It also supplies power to the camera and recharges the battery.
    • A hydrogen-powered car painted with the film could potentially convert enough energy into electricity to continually recharge the car's battery.
    • This camera and video recorder comes with a docking station that allows us to recharge the battery and connect the device to the PC.

verbo intransitivo

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    volverse a cargar


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    to give a battery a recharge recargar una batería