Traducción de reckless en Español:


imprudente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛkləs//ˈrɛkləs/


  • 1

    (act/plan) imprudente
    (plan/act) temerario
    (person) imprudente
    (person) insensato
    (person) irresponsable
    he's reckless with money derrocha / despilfarra el dinero
    • reckless endangerment / (British) driving imprudencia temeraria (al conducir)
    • A police investigation blamed the driver of the minibus for reckless driving.
    • Villagers are donning fluorescent jackets and going out on patrol to help curb reckless driving.
    • Boy racers face seeing their cars behind bars as part of a Maldon police crackdown on reckless driving.
    • Manchester Crown Court was told the tragedy was caused by a momentary, reckless error of judgement.
    • Even an organised road safety session at the crossing did not deter reckless drivers.
    • His reckless gamble failed and he ended up old and ill in a wrecked building surrounded by yes men.
    • Just last week, in one of my more reckless moods, I decided to colour my hair blue.
    • After all, the creditors should also pay the costs of their reckless credit decisions.
    • The reckless gambler goes to the roulette wheel and places his last million on his favourite number.
    • He had been reckless to start a violent bust-up on the stairs when he had had too much alcohol, the court was told.
    • But critics fear more tragedies could occur unless reckless behaviour is tackled.
    • It is our case that he was reckless and negligent in the way he drove.
    • Anyone who saw him could tell that the driving was reckless and very dangerous.
    • Still I was a little bit worried that I had been reckless to accept hospitality from a complete stranger.
    • Their biggest problem was persuading the enthusiastic local spies not to be reckless.
    • It doesn't take a reckless person or a wild spending spree to create a debt crisis.
    • They do not want to believe that he would wage a pointless war, that he is as reckless as he is.
    • He had not thrown the fire extinguisher deliberately but accepts he was reckless, he said.
    • It has a reckless disregard for accuracy, coupled with breathtaking ignorance.
    • They say the reckless use of weaponry could result in innocent people getting killed.