Traducción de reckon en Español:


calcular, v.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛkən//ˈrɛk(ə)n/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    I reckon the total to be £35 calculo que en total son 35 libras
    • India is now reckoned to be home to about 10 million Bangladeshis.
    • And the rise in oil prices has also brought in higher oil revenues - reckoned on some calculations to be £2.9bn higher than forecast.
    • Several hundred slaves roasted sheep in pit ovens, while the female dancers, like the warriors, were reckoned to number in their thousands.
    • In 2001, GDP - measured in the depreciated dollars of the day - was reckoned at just above $10 trillion.
    • The rally, in which 150 crews competed, is reckoned to be worth €20m to the area.
    • In parliament, support for the constitution was reckoned at 128 deputies, with just 22 opposed.
    • The costs of bringing the building to a level of working habitability are conservatively reckoned at £5m - before any serious fitting-out.
    • The authors also note that wildlife is reckoned to be the biggest source of income in Laotian villages after fishing.
    • The total indebtedness of the company is reckoned at 17 billion euros.
    • That value has now been reckoned at €20 per week which should result in an additional income of €20,000 to the board.
    • He's reckoned to be Britain's ninth richest sportsman, with a fortune of £14m.
    • The sustainable level - where there is enough cod spawning to replace themselves is reckoned at 150,000 tonnes.
    • Hedge funds are now reckoned to hold some 75% of all quoted convertible bonds.
    • In the fourth quarter, business investment was reckoned to be growing by more than 20% at an annual rate.
  • 2

    (judge, consider)
    he's reckoned to be one of his generation's finest writers está considerado como uno de los mejores escritores de su generación
    • I've driven in Paris, in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, in Rome and in Athens, all of them reckoned to be nightmarish.
    • Sweden is not generally reckoned to have a particularly disadvantaged working class.
    • Majid, a cricket buff, is reckoned to be a good cricketer who has all the talent to represent the state in interstate championships.
    • But in Mysore it seems the liberal arts were reckoned to be at least as attractive.
    • While these titles are indeed fitting, I believe that James must also be reckoned as a significant novelist in her own right.
    • He was a loyal supporter when Labour were reckoned to be unelectable, when a party leader would have lost his deposit if he had tried to muster showbiz votes for the cause.
    • Through his collection, he would be showing his painstakingly done works of embroidery for which he is reckoned to be among the best.
    • I want everybody to give me a second chance, and reckon me as a friend.
    • They have all the flair you would expect up front, but their defence is reckoned to be deeply suspect.
    • The costs are reckoned to be high and are probably underestimated.
    • His first novel, published in 1987, was reckoned to be one of the finest literary debuts of the decade.
    • But their failure to consider environmental issues must be reckoned a serious omission.
    • But more than 1/3 of the population is still reckoned to be chronically malnourished.
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    (think, guess)
    she's gone off her chump, I reckon yo creo / a mí me parece que se ha vuelto loca
    • he reckons he's a good player se cree / se considera buen jugador
    • what do you reckon? ¿tú qué opinas?
    • I reckon (so) creo / me parece que sí
    • I reckon not creo / me parece que no
    • Fair enough, now Sharon from Birmingham says: What do you reckon to the appointment of David O'Leary at Villa?
    • He stays with his mother on the south coast during the week and reckons to make his long-distance travelling financially viable by booking early on the internet.
    • Finally, what do our codebreakers reckon to Eric Lambert's thinking?
    • First of all, what do you reckon to the Champions League draw?
    • York City defender Chris Smith reckons to have overcome his biggest hurdle on the long road to full fitness.
    • He reckoned to survey Danefield Ward on the issue and we are told 90 per cent of the people living there are against the proposals.
    • He reckons to have selected his first squad for Saturday's opening day clash at Brunton Park but was giving little away as to his starting line-up.
    • She reckons to save about £100 a year on parking in town in this way.
    • I timed the auction to end on the evening of Christmas Day, reckoning to catch those folks who will by then have retired to their computer to get away from the festivities and the family jollity.
    • What would he reckon to them being assessed and designed in a similar way?
    • He comes to town to shop for various goods and reckons to add a wife to that goods list.
    • In the meadow between the island and the house she waves her stick in the direction of several saplings (she reckons to have planted nearly 1,000 trees in her lifetime).