Traducción de recode en Español:


recodificar, v.

Pronunciación /riːˈkəʊd//riˈkoʊd/

verbo transitivo

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    • The result is ineffective Web sites which may turn away customers and sites that need to be recoded after the complaints start coming in.
    • When we ended up recoding much of the pages ourselves, the design remained intact with far simpler code.
    • I created a separate data matrix for these recoded characters.
    • I recoded the page so that it offers a serviceable, simple sitemap as primary view.
    • Henry says he has no desire to spend the time and money recoding those as Java applications.
    • If we recode our data into binary characters as Gray and Atkinson did, we have to create three characters, one for each cognate set.
    • Images are recoded to ten bits per channel.
    • Their website is so frustratingly bad that last year accessibility campaigner Matthew Somerville took it upon himself to recode a version of it that worked.
    • When I recoded this script in C + +, I observed an execution speed gain of 100%.
    • The coders, able to analyze, decode, and recode large assembly programs within hours, were finding employment.
    • For this purpose, the quantitative data must be recoded into binary characters.
    • The whole thing's been recoded in compliant HTML and CSS, so it's also quite flexible.