Traducción de recoil en Español:


retroceder, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈkɔɪl//rəˈkɔɪl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (shrink back)
    she recoiled in fear el miedo la hizo retroceder
    • he recoiled at the sight of the corpses retrocedió impresionado al ver los cadáveres
    • to recoil from sth rehuir algo
    • she recoiled from his embrace rehuyó su abrazo
    • the child recoiled from me as if afraid el niño me rehuyó como si tuviera miedo
  • 2

    (gun) retroceder
    (gun) dar un culatazo
    • ‘It sure hurts the shoulder,’ Shelley said, rubbing where the gun's stock recoiled into her bones.
    • The rifle recoiled as it fired, and the shell exploded about a foot short of the missile.
    • To me, the gun recoils a bit less with a rod in it.
    • The gun recoiled, and I saw my shot fly forward and hit him in the chest.
    • One shot bellowed out, and his gun recoiled, jumping backwards from the force of the bullet ripping from its nozzle.
    • When the enemy reached the middle of the open space, he fired, and the gun hardly recoiled at all.
    • The front trigger is articulated to move forward a little when the gun recoils and then you move your finger forward for the right modified barrel.
    • The gun recoiled as the bolt left the gun and flew through the air.


  • 1

    retroceso masculino
    culatazo masculino