Traducción de recommission en Español:


volver a encargar, v.

Pronunciación /riːkəˈmɪʃ(ə)n/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (program/series) volver a encargar
    • The two minesweepers became the first two ships of the Fijian Navy and were recommissioned as HMFS Kiro and HMFS Kula.
    • It was while standing in the early dawn at the opening ceremony for the recommissioned Matahina Dam on the Rangitikei River in 1998 that the irony first occurred to me.
    • I don't rule out the possibility of its return in the future, but I have no plans to recommission it.
    • A rare and precious thing, capable of delivering both audiences and kudos in equal measure, the search for prime-time drama that can be happily recommissioned is an obsession of virtually all commissioning editors and broadcasters.
    • Following a very successful fourth series, this popular Sunday night drama has been recommissioned.
    • I would only recommission the programme if that phrase is completely banned.
    • Another show, ‘The Priory’, has been recommissioned a third time.
    • ‘Last week we had an engineer looking at the costs of recommissioning the dam and the old treatment plant,’ Mr O'Sullivan said.
    • The 1980s series was never recommissioned but it forever warped Gerald's teenage years and shaped those of its other stars.
    • Other shows are currently in the running to be recommissioned for BBC Three, but are not guaranteed yet.
    • ‘We couldn't get the right mix of funding so we're not in a position to recommission the programme,’ she said.
    • A whole industry has grown up around recommissioning such systems to restore them to proper order.
    • I am genuinely astonished it has been recommissioned.
    • Finding an old water mill to recommission generally means scouring the listings of rural estate agents and auction houses.
    • The Ark Royal is one of three aircraft carriers in the Royal Navy and was recommissioned by the Queen Mother after a £147m refit.
    • With the losses sustained in the civil war, perhaps the Confederates decided to recommission some of their retired ships.
    • Yesterday Channel 4 announced it had recommissioned the show for another five years.
    • The show has continued to grow with Thomas at the helm, though it is yet to be recommissioned for an eighth series (last year's run gained its biggest audience share so far).
    • The show, which was not well received, was not recommissioned.
    • The second lift on the same block with a capacity to carry 13 people up and down at a time is undergoing rapid repair works and will soon be recommissioned.
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    (power station/ship) volver a poner en servicio