Traducción de recoup en Español:


recuperar, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈkup//rɪˈkuːp/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (costs) recuperar
    (losses) resarcirse de
    the expenses will be recouped from the firm la empresa reembolsará los gastos
    • The company is trying to recoup lost ground by providing a full range of services at Air Force installations in Korea and Germany.
    • He has recouped a little of his lost global and domestic esteem with his work on Africa.
    • After a severe workout all morning, Tash knew that she needed to recoup her strength before the afternoon or she was in danger of going crazy.
    • Three years ago he reminded readers that the Christian right was relying on a new public relations approach to recoup some of the ground it had recently lost.
    • The only way to recoup what we have lost is with a workforce that can meet the challenges of a modern economy.
    • Once more, this country has recouped its liberty and we will all struggle to perfect and maintain it.
    • Efforts will be made to recoup the lost teaching and learning time in the second term.
    • And once signed away, privacy is hard to recoup.
    • During the day we went swimming and sunbathing to recoup our strength.
    • But patching a system won't recover stolen data, recoup competitive advantage or revive consumer confidence.