Traducción de recovery en Español:


recuperación, n.

Pronunciación /rəˈkəv(ə)ri//rɪˈkʌv(ə)ri/

nombrePlural recoveries

  • 1

    • 1.1(return to health)

      recuperación femenino
      restablecimiento masculino formal
      she made a quick recovery se recuperó / se mejoró rápidamente
      • to be on the road to recovery estar en vías de recuperación
      • Keep in mind that rest, recovery, and proper nutrition between workouts are the keys to fitness and a great-looking body.
      • This supplement boasts numerous benefits for health, recovery and muscle building.
      • Adding to the gloom was weaker-than-expected jobs data from the United States on Friday, which cast doubt on the strength of the economic recovery.
      • A special two-storey extension has been built on to the family's semi, complete with a special exercise bike to help aid her recovery and strengthen her muscles.
      • America's economic recovery and its likely strength have been and remain the central preoccupation in economics around the world.
      • ‘Such delays could have a serious impact on a patient's health and chance of recovery,’ said the report.
      • He said he had worked in the field of mental health recovery and was keenly aware of a patient's vulnerability.
      • She will need years of love and undoubtedly competent and caring professional help to ensure her complete recovery.
      • Numerous scientific studies have shown that creatine helps to increase lean muscle mass and strength, speed up recovery, and promote anaerobic power.
      • There are some new signs of muscle recovery in his damaged legs, which are still partially paralysed.
      • The community extend best wishes to him for a speedy recovery and return to health.
      • Yet increasingly we are finding out that the state of our mind, emotions, and spirit have a significant impact on both our health and our recovery when illness strikes.
      • Competitive athletes commonly take sports supplements to enhance their health, performance and recovery.
      • Knowing what is going on ‘back home’ is essential to mental health recovery.
      • She came out of the coma after two weeks and then the long road to her remarkable recovery began.
      • May you all have a full and speedy recovery to good health.
      • Bridie has been unwell for a while and we wish her a very speedy recovery to full health.
      • We don't know the strength of the underlying recovery.
      • The employment situation also improved in the second quarter as the economic recovery gathered strength.
      • However, he is expected to make a full recovery and return to active duty very soon.
      • All his family and many friends hope to see Denny up and about again really soon and wish him a quick and speedy recovery to full health.
      • The family has been urged to keep in mind that his road to recovery will be a long one.

    • 1.2

      (of economy, industry) recuperación femenino
      (of economy, industry) reactivación femenino
      (of economy, industry) repunte masculino
      (in profits, prices) mejora femenino
      (in profits, prices) repunte masculino
      • No arrests or recovery of the money have been made.
      • After the sale, and the recovery of the amount owing on the mortgage, including interest and costs, the guarantor will be liable for any shortfall.
      • By agreement between the parties, this trial dealt only with the claim by the Plaintiff for recovery of the real estate commission.
      • The courts take the view that such a Defendant / Respondent ‘can secure itself’ against the risk of non recovery of costs.
      • People who fail to take up the offer will face firm action, which may include legal proceedings or recovery of the debt from their accounts or other income sources.
      • Secondly Mr Hobbs submits that in an action for malicious falsehood recovery of damages is permitted even where there is no loss of reputation.
      • The funder has already stated that it is not interested in financing any recoveries from the Defendants in the London actions.
      • The action in the county court for recovery of the expenses was held to be time-barred.
      • We are dealing with a relatively small sum of money in terms of recovery.
      • The society added that abolishing the current system of debt recovery would discourage firms from advancing credit or lending money.
      • The letter added that if the schedule was not adhered to in the future the debt would be passed to the legal department for recovery.
      • There is no possibility of recovery of any money invested in this operation.
      • It is a fundamental principle of recovery in tort that the injured party be compensated for the full amount of his or her loss, but no more.
      • As you will appreciate we therefore had a legal duty to meet asbestosis claims with rights of recovery against the client, but such rights may have availed us nothing had the client run into financial difficulties.
      • The plaintiffs commenced an action in private law for recovery of the money due.
      • The ‘declaration’ of permanent disability, it held, was sufficient in itself to allow the plaintiff recovery of the applicable benefits.
      • It is unreasonable to incur a premium that is disproportionate and to expect recovery from the defendant for the cost of covering risks that ought properly to be borne by your client.
      • A number of jurisdictions allow for recovery of the cost of child rearing as an element of damages.
      • That is, if the customer already has spent the loan money, no recovery can get the money back!
      • To pay such a premium where other more reasonable premiums are available may disentitle the litigant from making a full recovery of the costs of the premium.

  • 2

    (of stolen goods, missing documents) recuperación femenino
    (retrieval) rescate masculino
    the recovery of long-standing debts el cobro de deudas morosas
    • to sue for recovery of costs entablar juicio por daños y perjuicios
    • before noun recovery service servicio de grúa
    • recovery vehicle grúa
    • The police arrived and were satisfied that the vehicle was parked safely while the driver arranged for the safe transfer of passengers and the recovery of the vehicle.
    • Mr Costello sued in the County Court for recovery of the car.
    • Salterforth Road was sealed off by police and guarded by an officer for more than three hours as recovery vehicles towed away the car and bus.
    • Dispossessed people have the right to the lawful recovery of their property and compensation.
    • They will also assist with recovery of vehicles and assistance to people in emergencies.
    • The cost includes damage to road surfaces and the surrounding area, vehicle recovery and damage or destruction of street fixtures such as lamp posts and bins.
    • The arrest resulted in the recovery of over 700 stolen items, and a man receiving a two-year prison sentence.
    • The road was closed from 7pm while recovery experts hauled the vehicle free of the road, with cars diverted on to the A64 and A162 via Tadcaster.
    • The flashing orange lights of the recovery vehicle beam into my room as the mechanic continually revs the failing engine.
    • Others needed the assistance of recovery vehicles to rescue them when the severe weather sent torrents of water cascading onto the roads of Kerry.
    • The recovery vehicle driver and the lorry driver were both in the recovery vehicle at the time of the crash, and escaped with minor injuries.
    • The operator advised our journalist that the recovery vehicle could take up to 75 minutes to reach her and she would receive a phone call 10 minutes before it was due to arrive.
    • The event itself is properly marshalled with backup and recovery vehicles.
    • He also wants to establish a new vehicle recovery business on land at the back of the petrol station and put up a new security fence.
    • He added that it had not broken down, but had been involved in the recovery of another military vehicle prior to the collision.
    • A recovery vehicle drove the car back to Huddersfield and the couple are hoping to make a donation to the fire service as a way of thanks.
    • It explores the discovery of a Raphael painting seized by the Nazis in the Second World War and its subsequent theft, recovery and record-breaking sale at Sotheby's.
    • He said the soldiers had been involved in the recovery of another vehicle before the crash.
    • The fire stations have aircraft recovery equipment, all-terrain vehicles, foam cannons on top of their firetrucks and specialised aviation fire training.
    • Transmitters can be concealed in the chassis of an automobile and thus facilitate the vehicle's recovery if stolen.
    • Every minute that a critical application is unavailable is costly and, therefore, faster data recovery reduces financial losses.
    • Fire crews made the area safe within an hour but roads leading to the smash were closed for several hours as specialist recovery vehicles travelled from as far afield as Cheshire and Leeds.
    • Lanes two and three of the westbound carriageway were closed to allow recovery of the vehicles.
    • Fed-up bosses at a motor showroom came up trumps after offering a reward for the recovery of four stolen cars.
    • Stopping treatment prevents further deterioration but rarely allows complete recovery of visual function.
    • Not all breakdown companies have access to the same number of recovery vehicles.
    • Police were called and a recovery vehicle had to turn out to free the wagon.
    • Vehicle recovery specialists were put to the test in Trowbridge on Saturday after two accidents within the space of an hour.