Traducción de recruit en español:


recluta, n.

Pronunciación: /rɪˈkruːt//rəˈkrut/


  • 1

    (masculine and feminine) recluta
    • The new troops will train 1,000 raw recruits for the Sierra Leone army at a special camp.
    • Only by reducing the army and applying higher enlistment standards to all recruits could racial violence be reduced, essential in an army that is now one-third black.
    • Once minimally trained, most new recruits are quickly set out on the battlefield.
    • This archive consists of hundreds of images of naked men, presumably fresh conscripts and army recruits, taken for an unknown kind of ethnographic exercise.
    • To put it baldly, we now have overpaid recruits and underpaid sergeants.
    • The intention is to influence many of those new recruits into becoming Army Reserve officers.
    • The advanced soldier course will be in place for the first recruits marching into the Army Recruit Training Centre in February 2005.
    • Of the 20 who began the course earlier this year two have already enlisted and will begin recruit training at HMAS Cerberus in January.
    • To help meet its 2005 recruiting objectives, the Army's recruiting command has lowered some standards for recruits.
    • The recruits they train are all volunteers who, unlike draftees dragged kicking and screaming into camp, willingly seek military service.
    • The abuse of new recruits to our Army, while criminal, also greatly impedes successful recruitment efforts.
    • In fact, in 2002 it was reported that 60 percent of all female recruits would serve in military positions previously excluded to them.
    • Yet in 1993, when the Commandant of the Marine Corps proposed that recruits be limited to single persons only, he was publicly rebuked.
    • Walsh had enlisted as a recruit with the Marines during 1933.
    • Students with no other income are a major source of recruits for the part-time Army.
    • Medical officers examined new recruits for physical fitness to regular army standards.
    • The new recruits adapted well to military life and, although a few deserted or turned on their officers, proved loyal to the United States.
    • In addition, at least since the inception of the all-volunteer Army, the United States has never filled the Army exclusively with male recruits.
    • Around half of the new army's recruits have deserted or failed to make the grade, U.S. trainers say, leaving only about 2,500 soldiers.
    • This program allows qualified civilian recruits to enlist specifically for Special Forces training.
  • 2

    (new member)
    the latest recruits to the club/staff los nuevos socios del club/miembros del personal
    • one of our latest recruits una de nuestras últimas adquisiciones

verbo transitivo

  • 1

  • 2

    (take on, attract)
    (members/volunteers) reclutar
    (staff) contratar
    they tried to recruit me into the party trataron de convencerme para que me afiliara al partido

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (army) alistar reclutas
    (company) buscar personal
    (company) reclutar gente
  • 2recruiting pres p

    (agent/office) de reclutamiento