Traducción de recruit en Español:


recluta, n.

Pronunciación /rɪˈkruːt//rəˈkrut/


  • 1

    recluta masculino
    • Only by reducing the army and applying higher enlistment standards to all recruits could racial violence be reduced, essential in an army that is now one-third black.
    • Walsh had enlisted as a recruit with the Marines during 1933.
    • In fact, in 2002 it was reported that 60 percent of all female recruits would serve in military positions previously excluded to them.
    • The abuse of new recruits to our Army, while criminal, also greatly impedes successful recruitment efforts.
    • The intention is to influence many of those new recruits into becoming Army Reserve officers.
    • In addition, at least since the inception of the all-volunteer Army, the United States has never filled the Army exclusively with male recruits.
    • The recruits they train are all volunteers who, unlike draftees dragged kicking and screaming into camp, willingly seek military service.
    • The advanced soldier course will be in place for the first recruits marching into the Army Recruit Training Centre in February 2005.
    • Around half of the new army's recruits have deserted or failed to make the grade, U.S. trainers say, leaving only about 2,500 soldiers.
    • The new troops will train 1,000 raw recruits for the Sierra Leone army at a special camp.
    • Yet in 1993, when the Commandant of the Marine Corps proposed that recruits be limited to single persons only, he was publicly rebuked.
    • Of the 20 who began the course earlier this year two have already enlisted and will begin recruit training at HMAS Cerberus in January.
    • The new recruits adapted well to military life and, although a few deserted or turned on their officers, proved loyal to the United States.
    • This program allows qualified civilian recruits to enlist specifically for Special Forces training.
    • Students with no other income are a major source of recruits for the part-time Army.
    • To help meet its 2005 recruiting objectives, the Army's recruiting command has lowered some standards for recruits.
    • This archive consists of hundreds of images of naked men, presumably fresh conscripts and army recruits, taken for an unknown kind of ethnographic exercise.
    • To put it baldly, we now have overpaid recruits and underpaid sergeants.
    • Medical officers examined new recruits for physical fitness to regular army standards.
    • Once minimally trained, most new recruits are quickly set out on the battlefield.
  • 2

    (new member)
    the latest recruits to the club/staff los nuevos socios del club/miembros del personal
    • one of our latest recruits una de nuestras últimas adquisiciones

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • Murray and Scales also argue that the United States should recruit different leaders for the specialized units needed for the asymmetrical battlefield.
    • Despite some less than optimistic predictions, we have recruited the right soldiers and kept the best and brightest troops in the Army so we can match the right faces to the correct places.
    • Naismith was recruited into the army at the start of World War I, but suffered gassing in the trenches which ruined his health.
    • Qualified combatants could be recruited for the national army and the police force.
    • The Chief of Defence Staff said to achieve this, the military would have to recruit new soldiers between two and three times annually and build additional bases.
    • Many other Western countries have also accumulated considerable experience in recruiting women for service in the modern armed forces.
    • Many of the unemployed youth who were recruited into the army as cannon fodder in its vicious war against the country's Tamil minority have deserted.
    • The Army has learned through painful experience and proudly proclaims that it recruits soldiers, but retains families.
    • From 1994, it started to recruit children systematically and even created children's regiments.
    • The regular army and the National Guard continued to recruit volunteers, and the draft was held to remedy any deficiencies.
    • Preparing newly recruited soldiers for immediate combat after graduation was not the main mission of basic training and advanced individual training a few years ago.
    • The Navy is actively recruiting young men and women into its ranks at the moment and offers a wide and varied career to anyone interested in taking up a career at sea.
    • Such a policy would make it easier to recruit soldiers and officers because their pay would be more competitive with the civilian market.
    • Their soldiers are recruited from the U.S. Army, mainly from the Special Forces Green Berets and Rangers.
    • In 1941, she proceeded to England where the British Special Operations Executive recruited her.
    • They are also actively recruiting people for officer training with 70 cadets brought on board last October and a further 70 are due to be taken on in the next few weeks.
    • The U.S. military, as always, is actively recruiting new members.
    • To that end, and upon the approval of the Secretary of Defense, the Army will recruit, train and bring into the force an additional 4,800 soldiers this year.
    • Putting it bluntly, the Army needs to recruit those for infantry and other front line combat units who are prepared to advance upon and kill others, albeit in a disciplined and trained manner.
    • They will, therefore, continue to recruit officers and soldiers and offer young men the opportunity to serve in one of the best infantry battalions.
  • 2

    (take on, attract)
    (volunteers/members) reclutar
    (staff) contratar
    they tried to recruit me into the party trataron de convencerme para que me afiliara al partido
    • She has served on the Membership Committee and has been involved in recruiting students and new members.
    • In the same year, she was recruited as a member of the Shanghai Photographic Association.
    • But the workers are beginning to recruit new union members from this shift.
    • There are also plans to recruit junior doctors, so more staff will be on hand to treat patients.
    • I do know that the organization is trying to recruit new members in this state, and that over two thousand of the current members are here.
    • She turned around to see Sandy, the crew member who'd recruited her.
    • Now 10 extra permanent staff are being recruited to replace the agency workers.
    • I have recruited excellent staff members at restaurants, athletic clubs, and even traveling on an airplane!
    • Actually, I'm trying to recruit a new team member at the moment (we're in online customer service).
    • With my health clubs, the most effective marketing has always been to reward members for recruiting their friends, family and work colleagues.
    • Waterford Chamber of Commerce are fully aware of the difficulties that its members are experiencing in recruiting suitable employees.
    • Turnover is the exception, and openings are promptly filled when they occur, often by candidates recruited by current staff members.
    • They never mention whether our young people are recruited as white-collar workers or just underpaid, overworked laborers over there.
    • As the easiest way to get people to share your values is to hire people who already do, more organisations now recruit people with the right attitude, then train them in the skills they need.
    • There are also plans to recruit an extra member of staff to help with the audio work.
    • A national voluntary organisation is recruiting new members for their Laois branch.
    • It can cost about £4,000 to recruit a new staff member, including advertising costs, training and the costs to the business of an unfilled vacancy.
    • He eventually went to Cambridge University, and here Moscow recruited him as a member of the KGB.
    • It will be very difficult in this short space of time for parties and candidates to recruit staff, organise and launch their campaigns and obtain the necessary funding.
    • He was doing poorly in school, and gang members were trying to recruit him.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (army) alistar reclutas
    (company) buscar personal
    (company) reclutar gente
  • 2recruiting present participle

    (agent/office) de reclutamiento