Traducción de recruitment en Español:


reclutamiento, n.

Pronunciación /rɪˈkruːtm(ə)nt//rəˈkrutmənt/


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    reclutamiento masculino
    • The ministry also demanded that he change the script, alleging that it would discourage recruitment to the armed forces.
    • A recruitment drive has been launched to find more people to become volunteers in the borough.
    • If military recruitment is down now, wait till the kids read this book.
    • These programmes include awareness campaigns to support recruitment of potential participants into clinical trials.
    • To sustain agriculture at its current status, recruitment of outstanding individuals must be enhanced.
    • But if published recruitment figures are to be believed, the party is no decaying monolith.
    • Over 100 people took part in a demonstration outside a US military recruitment office in Pittsburgh last Saturday.
    • Methods of recruitment and results for this survey have been reported in detail elsewhere.
    • Its chief proponent has been Charles Moskos, an expert on military recruitment and retention.
    • All branches of the military have exceeded their recruitment goals for the last three years.
    • Even though military units require no upkeep, a high level of recruitment or conscription will severely weaken the economic front.
    • The bursary scheme is expected to boost recruitment of engineers and scientists into the Armed Forces.
    • This has created a crisis in the armed forces with high desertion rates, poor morale and a sharp drop in military recruitment.
    • At this cinema, the managers have not seen fit to remove the military recruitment ads from the previews.
    • He cited low unemployment and increasing job availability as other reasons why Armed Forces recruitment figures were declining.
    • And faced with a shortage of human collateral what method of recruitment would you expect a major IT company to employ?
    • Facing lagging recruitment figures, military recruiters are under increasing pressure to produce.
    • Responses did not differ according to type of treatment, method of recruitment, or characteristics of respondents outlined in the table.
    • The army has launched its latest recruitment drive in Wiltshire.
    • Ministers hope to reduce the figure through recruitment and retention initiatives designed to make Scottish jobs as attractive as possible.
    • When a union prioritises recruitment and organisation people join.
    • They use ostensibly charitable organizations for funding and recruitment.
    • A recruitment drive is to be launched to find a team of dedicated volunteers to man the front desk at Kingston police station.
    • He was attracted by recruitment material portraying the military in glowing terms.
    • That is why the recruitment industry has grown enormously over the past 10 years.
    • Meanwhile, job agencies are organising a major nurses' recruitment fair later this month.
    • It is at this point that even those governments who have shunned it in peacetime resort to the third method of recruitment, conscription.
    • Organizations engaged in recruitment should, as a result, collect data about the applicant pool.
    • They joined, just like Gordon, during the army recruitment drive.
    • The most effective recruitment drives are founded on issues, not just organizations.
    • There are matters relating to the level of recruitment for the armed forces at the moment, both in terms of the regular forces and the territorial forces.
    • This method of recruitment may explain why a substantial number of eligible subjects refused.
    • The museum has launched its first recruitment poster campaign to recruit younger helpers during National Volunteer Week.
    • He said Defence also facilitated and worked to support the direct recruitment of Air Force personnel by Air Services Australia.
    • The school bans recruitment because of the military's antigay policy.
    • To do this the trade union movement must develop a youthful edge that is about much more than recruitment figures.
    • Another is the United Nations convention on the rights of the child, which restricts recruitment of children into the armed forces.
    • America wants to recruit 1m nurses by 2010 and has launched a recruitment drive in Britain.
    • The Department of Health in England has been explicit in its support for international recruitment.
    • The bulk of that figure was generated by way of public sector recruitment while part-time work also added to the higher jobs figure, it said.
    • Military recruitment officers in Texas, Georgia and Tennessee reported unprecedented increases in applications.