Traducción de recto en Español:


página de la derecha, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛktoʊ//ˈrɛktəʊ/

nombrePlural rectos

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    página de la derecha femenino
    • Each folio has a front and a back, usually now called recto and verso.
    • Take for example the important sheet from Edinburgh that shows a Drowning of Leander on the recto and The Battle of the Amazons on the verso.
    • This is parallel translation with the Anglo-Saxon on the verso and the translation on the recto.
    • However, it was very much the habit to place the blank sheet as the recto (looking at the opening of a book, the right leaf), with the miniature on the verso (looking at the open book, the left leaf).
    • The story begins with text alone on both recto and verso.