Traducción de recuperate en Español:


recuperarse, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈkuːpəreɪt//rəˈkupəˌreɪt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to recuperate from sth recuperarse de algo

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (strength) recuperar
    • He has raised prices by 3p a litre, on top of a national price rise of about the same amount put in place by BP, in an effort to recuperate losses.
    • The quickly qualifying and anxiety-ridden ‘of course’ indicates that, for Irene, his masculinity has to be rapidly recuperated from any trace of the feminine.
    • He will now be recuperating from his ordeal and waiting to be told the date for his asylum claim appeal hearing.
    • The course is a programme of exercise for people with physical disabilities and for those new to exercise, recuperating from illness or injury, or requiring a specially devised programme.
    • Then he recuperates the error, and says that although it was the wrong man, or because of that, he learned more than he would have done otherwise.
    • She was a caregiver for a local resident who's recuperating from a recent heart attack.
    • Carlos was dancing with English National Ballet but recuperating from a foot operation and had gone home to convalesce.
    • Football was cancelled last night, which was a good thing as my body was still recuperating from the previous night's game (which we won rather convincingly).
    • Both are currently recuperating from their injuries in Galway hospital.
    • Thursday was a down day, but it was spent mostly recuperating from being out so late the nights before.
    • Suffering setback after setback, he is currently back in Rio recuperating from his latest.
    • Simpson wrote the book, while recuperating from his injuries, in order to defend his friend's actions.
    • He's still recuperating from his tracheotomy and his flu.
    • She said she was taking the students to court to recuperate her losses, and as a matter of principle.
    • The member will be aware that in certain circumstances the cost of custody may be recuperated from the airline that brought to New Zealand someone who was not granted a permit at the border.
    • This increases safety and saves money, as any excess liquid propellant can be recuperated and automatically removed from the building to an area where it can be treated for reuse.
    • I am sure all the residents who live along the Diego Martin highway are all awakened by these motorbikes especially on weekends when they are recuperating from a hard week's work.
    • Council bosses managed to reopen half the course at the beginning of February in a bid to start recuperating some of the money lost and encourage golfers to return.
    • In such a way our own critical creativity can be recuperated.
    • Recent surface excavation and conservation have recuperated a substantial portion of Structure 16's elaborately carved facade.
    • Of the three, only Kerrigan and Wellhauser will be receiving Feds funding to help recuperate losses incurred from their platforms.
    • But his wife was recuperating from a serious road crash.
    • The only way in which I can recuperate my humiliation is to turn it into an amusing anecdote that elicits laughter or sympathy.
    • When I was recuperating from a long illness last year, doctors advised me against using public transport.
    • After she hung up, she took a deep breath to recuperate her thoughts and wonder what she had gotten herself into.
    • Indeed, by returning the money, the gang will be able to recuperate its money later on through rice-connected projects.
    • Now it is feared Mrs Huxley, whose signature was on the residents' village green application, might be hit with a bill if the developer looks to recuperate its legal costs.
    • She was in hospital, recuperating from a minor operation.
    • He will continue recuperating from breathing problems and concentrate on his plans for holy week, which begins next Sunday.
    • To recuperate some of the money lost, trash and treasure was sold in a mini-fete at the school last week - and there was plenty of community support.
    • The longing that attends this description of lost friendship, children, and youth is recuperated by the comfort offered in the form of a Christmas card, and in turn offered by the poem itself.
    • She stood up, feeling a bit dizzy, and closed her eyes until she recuperated the balance.
    • Three months was also how long Evie spent recuperating from the injuries.
    • To recuperate these costs and make the venture economically viable Bright Grey is going to have to secure a significant chunk of market share.
    • And those who do get help often need financial assistance while recuperating from an injury or illness.
    • The country has been recuperating from the blow of the recent devastating flood.
    • Thus, the cost of the intervention was recuperated within three weeks.
    • ‘He's recuperating from his operation,’ said his official spokesman, David Whitton.
    • Of course the market will not stay at current levels forever and is expected to recuperate its losses during the next two or three years.
    • Ellis had been recuperating from a serious illness when the wedding assignment happened.