Traducción de recyclable en Español:


reciclable, adj.

Pronunciación /riˈsaɪk(ə)ləb(ə)l//riːˈsʌɪkləbl/


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    • While the council has restored a weekly collection of residual waste, the fortnightly collection of recyclable waste from the black boxes continues.
    • They tell you how recyclable any plastic product is, though most of their products are wood and paper.
    • My job is to handle recyclable waste for 16 floors.
    • There is extensive use of recycled and recyclable plastics on the vehicle.
    • Under the law, he said it was illegal for recycling businesses to go to housing estates and collect recyclable waste directly.
    • Householders will also receive their first five clear plastic sacks for holding the recyclable waste in the post.
    • The organizers will provide you with resources to obtain biodegradable and recyclable utensils and paper products if you wish.
    • All recyclable goods will be taken to an existing recycling facility in Bexley until Greenwich's opens in April 2004.
    • Ironically, CDs and DVDs are made from recyclable materials, yet the vast majority end up in landfills or incinerators anyway.
    • Last year the collection of dry recyclable goods was extended to an additional 110,000 households nationwide.
    • If all supermarkets used recyclable bags, consumers would be able to help fight pollution.
    • The borough council could make money from collecting this recyclable waste and all traders want is somewhere to put it.
    • People would soon be able to bring recyclable goods to the land fill.
    • Everyone else took pride in pelting them with recyclable plastic.
    • And green materials, such as bamboo, cork, and recycled and recyclable carpet, will be used.
    • The introduction of proposed EU legislation on the need for more recyclable plastics in vehicles will also encourage the use of such material in Europe.
    • It provides ‘green’ bins for recyclable waste, paper, tins, bottles and plastic.
    • Some of the recyclable materials include paper, plastics, metals and tyres.
    • Collections for ordinary waste and recyclable waste were held on alternative weeks, and the results impressed council officials.
    • His estimates included indirect costs such as management of the landfill, where staff store recyclable plastics, glass and paper.