Traducción de recycle en Español:


reciclar, v.

Pronunciación /riˈsaɪk(ə)l//riːˈsʌɪk(ə)l/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (bottles/scrap/waste) reciclar
    • A roadshow advising residents how to recycle green waste is to tour Trowbridge and Melksham.
    • These ranged from car sharing and using public transport through to recycling household waste.
    • In Europe, 20 nations have implemented legislation to control and recycle packaging waste.
    • It banned pesticides for urban uses and built a biochemical plant to recycle organic wastes from the city's garbage.
    • The iron and steel industry was now able to recycle waste material.
    • Recycling centers are ubiquitous, helping Denmark boast that half of its waste is recycled.
    • The public needs to realise the seriousness of the problem and learn how to prevent, minimise, reuse and recycle waste.
    • At a basic level, it is our moral obligation to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.
    • Residents and businesses in North Wiltshire need to do more to reduce, reuse and recycle waste to ensure that we do not need excessive areas of landfill in the future.
    • The Goverment has recently set a target for a massive 30% of general household waste to be recycled.
    • Please participate and clean our parish, eliminate dumping and recycle household waste by the proper means.
    • It also offers practical advice and information on how to re-use and recycle waste.
    • Typical of customers is the University of York, which recycles green waste for re-use on flower and shrub beds as mulch, saving costs of disposal and purchase of products.
    • The company recycle all green waste into an excellent garden compost.
    • Approximately 40% of papers coming from domestic waste are currently recycled.
    • In Waterford City, 35 tonnes of packaging waste is recycled each week through the green bin collection.
    • All waste is recycled, within reason, and even cars can be recharged at power points dotted around the complex.
    • The purpose of the workshop is to show people how to recycle organic waste from the kitchen and garden.
    • The end product is the same - waste material is recycled to the benefit of the environment.
    • A significant percentage of household waste could be recycled.
  • 2

    • This, Reynolds tells us somewhat bathetically, was recycled from a rejected text for a French war memorial in 1918.
    • He rarely comes up with any new material, he simply recycles his old stuff.
  • 3recycled past participle

    (paper/waste) reciclado