Traducción de red carpet en Español:

red carpet


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    to roll out the red carpet for sb recibir a algn con bombos y platillos
    • before noun they gave us the red-carpet treatment nos trataron a cuerpo de rey
    • Apart from the fat check he receives every month, plus an endless chain of facilities, he gets red-carpet treatment wherever he goes.
    • A customer who complains once in 11 flights, however, will get red-carpet treatment.
    • While in London, the contestants were given the red-carpet treatment in a top hotel, where they were treated to five course meals and champagne.
    • When we arrived at Gare Centrale we got the red-carpet treatment.
    • This red-carpet treatment cost German taxpayers some €52,000.
    • Earlier this week, Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou, a high-ranking member of the major opposition Nationalist Party, was given red-carpet treatment during a visit to Hong Kong.
    • While investing abroad once was fraught with red tape, most host governments today give foreign investors the red-carpet treatment.
    • The red-carpet treatment didn't even cease when the plane stopped for fuel.
    • And the red-carpet luxuries will keep on rolling out for the whole year.
    • I shook hands with the manager, and he asked me why we had not booked his airline; he would have arranged for red-carpet treatment.
    • He and his wife Mildred were given a red-carpet welcome and housed in a sumptuous villa near the official residence of President Francois Bozize.
    • The red-carpet treatment includes a gourmet meal, based on the last meal on Concorde, at the Radisson Hotel close to the airport, before a tour of the aircraft.
    • At a recent meeting in Brussels, interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi received ‘the full red-carpet treatment normally accorded to a world leader’.
    • Whenever a politician from Taiwan travels to Central America, he can be sure of the red-carpet treatment.
    • The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed last night that Cox would receive the full, red-carpet treatment associated with a visiting head of state, despite the fact that he will be in his own country.
    • Until now, frequent - shopper programs have not been very good at identifying the most attractive customers for this red-carpet treatment.
    • The guests, expected to arrive from 6.30 pm, will receive red-carpet treatment
    • He was recently given the red-carpet treatment on a visit to Paris, the first Algerian leader since the 1980s to do so.
    • From the first encounter that job candidates have with the company, he courts them with red-carpet treatment.
    • He was accorded, literally, the red-carpet treatment by the Labour government of Prime Minister Tony Blair, culminating in an audience with the Queen at Windsor Castle.