Traducción de red dwarf en Español:

red dwarf

enana roja, n.

Pronunciación /ˈˌrɛd ˈdwɔrf///


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    enana roja femenino
    • In some respects, searching for planets around red dwarfs is harder than around heavier, hotter stars.
    • It was hoped that this dark matter would be mostly in the form of small stars called red dwarfs.
    • Despite the fact that red dwarfs are relatively cool, the small orbit means that temperatures on this world are extra toasty - several hundred degrees Celsius.
    • The newfound planet's host star is a red dwarf with about one-fifth the mass of our sun.
    • This list is being added to as astronomers discover new red dwarfs and other small stars - which are still many times bigger than Jupiter and may possess planets.