Traducción de redeploy en Español:


reorientar, v.

Pronunciación /riːdɪˈplɔɪ//ˌridəˈplɔɪ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (resources) reorientar
    (resources) dar nuevo destino a
    (staff) asignar un nuevo destino a
    (staff) reubicar América Latina
    (troops) redesplegar
    • Rather than redeploy these resources - and the money - elsewhere, the food industry is encouraging consumers to eat far more than they need.
    • There is talk of the dancers being redeployed as waitresses serving beer.
    • There will be no job losses with all four of the branch's employees being redeployed within the banking group.
    • Being able to redeploy analysts and form ad hoc teams quickly and effectively is a basic requirement for intelligence organizations today.
    • Throughout the company, Ford plans to regain engineering competence by redeploying some engineers internally and by hiring new ones.
    • The US is planning to redeploy troops from South Korea to Iraq.
    • These resources could be redeployed elsewhere in the economy where they would be more productive.
    • Most redundancies were voluntary or the teachers were redeployed.
    • We can redeploy the freed-up troops in strategically vital areas of the Middle East.
    • The complex's 2,300 miners were redeployed to maintenance work, costing RJB Mining about £1 million a day.
    • As a result, the company has deferred some capital spending and redeployed some servers for other uses.
    • All local authorities stressed that every effort would be made to redeploy teachers, offer them voluntary redundancy or early retirement.
    • Some of these employees would be redeployed in other divisions.
    • Australia, Japan, and Singapore are today preparing to redeploy troops in the region, to help the relief effort.
    • In response, the bureau is redeploying agents into counterterrorism and working more closely with the CIA and other intelligence rivals.
    • Town halls should discuss the quickest way to redeploy the national guard units in their neighborhoods.
    • A spokesman said employees could either be redeployed, retrained or take voluntary redundancy.
    • The dismissed employees were never redeployed as mentioned in that issue.
    • This denied the Nazi command the possibility to redeploy the troops.
    • He said forces could in many instances redeploy officers away from public duties rather than suspend them.