Traducción de redo en Español:


rehacer, v.

Pronunciación /riˈdu//riːˈduː/

verbo transitivoredid, redone

  • 1

    (do again)
    (work) rehacer
    (work) volver a hacer
    the ironing will all have to be redone se tendrá que volver a planchar todo
    • My mother was a teacher, so she basically had to redo her qualifications, and Dad did a lot of travelling, so it was hard on her.
    • Then I will determine how much redoing it would cost.
    • I did have blonde streaks but I don't have time to keep redoing them.
    • I want to get the entire site to the point where I don't feel compelled to redo it ever again, and where what I'd done is not completely embarrassing.
    • It will take even longer to redo the database, he said.
    • We are in the process of redoing our plan and the final touches are being suggested at the moment.
    • Instead of simply redoing that song, they twisted and turned it inside out, revealing new textures and motifs to play in and around.
    • Once we have stopped people walking through the flower beds we might be able to redo the landscaping.
    • It's been destroyed and redone a couple of times since then.
    • Undoubtedly the band made the right move in redoing the album.
    • ‘It was great to get to redo it all over again,’ he said.
    • They may have changed - a lot were redone in the Victorian era.
    • So I shall have to take time off work to study the plans, and spend time yet again redoing my objection.
    • I'm too tired to be doing this (and I'll redo it tomorrow).
    • The underfloor heating pipes and electric cables have been put in together and need to be separated, which will involve redoing the wiring.
    • What if I don't bother to paint them but just extract them from a DVD and fool around cropping and redoing the image in the computer?
    • The commission is redoing their website now, but these things take time.
    • The cost of redoing the whole thing in one go would be close to $2.5 billion, a sum the city says is beyond its resources.
    • However, all our efforts in redoing it have proved unsuccessful so far.
    • In the past, it had just been a matter of redoing the title cards in another language.
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