Traducción de redolent en Español:


con olor a algo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛdlənt//ˈrɛdəl(ə)nt/


  • 1literario

    (smelling of sth)
    con olor a algo
    con fragancia de algo literario
    • The redolent smell of their Chanel No.5 perfume hit me like a blast before they even reached us.
    • Our mouths watered at the redolent smell of sweet roasted meat.
    • No blooming season is more redolent than spring, so it makes perfect olfactory sense to smell the flowers now.
    • My normally reserved father turns into a rapacious gourmand around the steaming, redolent pot, reliving his Saskatchewan youth by heaping his plate.
    • No radio, no TV, just the meal, the New Yorker, and the soft high whine of Jasper breathing through his nose, coveting the redolent sausage.
  • 2

    (suggestive of)
    his style is redolent of the Impressionists su estilo recuerda el de los impresionistas
    • the affair seemed redolent of fraud el asunto olía a fraude