Traducción de reducible en Español:


Pronunciación /rəˈd(j)usəb(ə)l//rɪˈdjuːsɪb(ə)l/


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    to be reducible to sth ser reductible / reducible a algo
    • Second, unlike the Left, green politics are not based on class and their analyses are not reducible to class.
    • Is all learning alike, reducible to a common set of principles?
    • There are no spectacular displays of brutality here, and the workings of force show themselves not to be reducible to physical violence alone.
    • Gothic seems reducible to steep roofs and a ‘multiplicity’ of gables.
    • The game is not reducible to the subjectivity of the players; it has an identity over and above them and is intended as such.
    • The internal stance reflects the fact that when people marry they become part of an entity that is not reducible to or identical with its individual components.
    • But at the same time, these issues are not reducible to the anti-capitalist struggle.
    • Perhaps sports are reducible to co-ordination and spacial perception.
    • There is no point in speculating about place apart from its representations; yet, place is also not simply reducible to concepts.
    • That said, both films are not reducible to fables about victimhood.
    • But what about the suggestion that event causation is instead reducible to, or analysable in terms of, agent causation?
    • Roisin has a glamour which includes sexual attractiveness but it is not reducible to it.
    • Ethics, one might say, enshrines the principle that subjectivity is not reducible to objective analysis.
    • How the public engages with ideas is not reducible to the latest trends in technology, but is likely to be influenced by wider cultural and social dynamics.
    • All DIY projects should be reducible to an A4 sized flowchart detailing a handful of easy steps, available by calling a 1900 number after the show.
    • As conservatives generally do, I see the world as infinitely complex and as not reducible to any simple rule.
    • But engagement in a wider social sense is not reducible to individual activism.
    • Religion is not reducible to morals but they are the sign of its authenticity.
    • The private military industry has an image problem reducible to a single, rather dirty word: mercenary.
    • Nor is it reducible to facile claims of appeasements.