Traducción de reel en Español:


carrete, n.

Pronunciación /ril//riːl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for wire, thread, tape)

      carrete masculino
      reel masculino Río de la Plata
      a cotton reel un carrete de hilo
      • The spinning reels of the tapes, so carefully observed, are further spinning wheels in Harry's circular downfall.
      • Filler rods and wire reels, when not in use, must be kept in closed packets and containers and stored in a dry place at a uniform temperature.
      • Watching Mackenzie change reels, control the projectors, and add and remove gels is fascinating - he is the wizard behind the curtain revealed, the magician whose tricks are laid bare.
      • Behind me, in a half-filled screening room, the sound of a projector hums as its reels turn.
      • While the reels were being changed everyone would join in a sing song.
      • Toy cotton reels or buttons can be sorted by colour or threaded on to laces, while plastic pegs can be used for pattern-making and counting.
      • She was given a button, a needle, a cotton reel and a choice of private places she could use to sew a button on in school.
      • In 1994 it was alleged that he had hoaxed the picture using a cotton reel and a button.
      • A cinema enthusiast is giving moviegoers a blast from the past in aid of charity by screening a rare film using a traditional reel and projector.
      • The film reels used for the transfer are in decent shape, but little to no cleanup seems to have been done.
      • Greg got up and looked at the film reel in the projector.
      • One is quite tempted to ask the projectionist if he keeps switching reels from different films.
      • One shows the globe morphing into a film reel to show how Hollywood relies on the network.
      • ‘I have to keep rolling the thread reels which keeps my elbows moving,’ he said.
      • Thus it is that welfare recipients and those on fixed incomes are first attracted to and then hooked by the spinning reels and flashing lights of the VLT.
      • Wires are placed in a wire holder or a reel is suspended from the worker's belt for accessibility.
      • If there's more than one tray, place four cotton reels strategically so that you can stack one tray on top of another.
      • I raced over to the NFT where projectionists were hauling yards of shredded film out of the reels.
      • The myriad types of storage media included reels, chips, strips, cylinders, and sheets of tape or film.
      • The new sign also reflects the industrial history of the area, showing cotton mills, looms and cotton reels.

    • 1.2(of film)

      rollo masculino
      • There's normally a moment in the first or second reel of most films when you are provided with final incontrovertible proof that it's either a masterpiece, a stinker or a kind of apathetic blah.
      • Too often in these films, characters do things in the final reel that are in no way justified by their behavior for the previous seventy minutes or so.
      • By reel three, the film has become a creature feature, as they are picked off one by one by a stealthy hunter.
      • He remains ever likeable, as his efforts in matchmaking in the final reel testify, but the true star of the movie is Maura, whose scenes are the most involving and interesting.
      • Animal Factory should keep you guessing until the final reel.
      • And, of course, we suspect that one gunman will assuredly die by the final reel while the other will get the girl.
      • With the neighbourhood getting persistently more aggressive in its campaign against the Samuels, and David finding a place on his school cricket team, the stage is set for a dramatic final few reels.
      • That also gave Hitch the opportunity to create one of the most exciting last reels of his movie career.
      • And so by the last reel of the film we're waiting patiently for the two main characters to meet for some major bloodletting.
      • What starts well deteriorates in the last reels of the movie.
      • Perhaps my favorite extra feature was the outtake reel, which lasts about 8 minutes.
      • Loose ends still abound in the final reel, leaving the film with a less than satisfying conclusion.
      • The eventual question is, to what lengths of madness will the obsessive Murnau go to complete the final reel of his masterwork?
      • He then escaped on a bicycle with a reel of the film under his arm.
      • I thought I was watching the last reel of a Halloween or Friday the 13th movie.
      • Despite noticeable speckles, nicks and the odd scratch, the first reel of the film looks quite good with excellent contrast and sharp images.
      • Beyond that, where are the bloopers, gag reels, and other fun material?
      • It's technically very proficient, and revealing about contemporary life in Russia, though it does tend to fizzle out in the final reel.
      • By the final reel, she has mysteriously morphed into Jennifer Jason Leigh.
      • What's more, sexual outlaws must always get their comeuppance by the final reel.

    • 1.3(fishing)

      carrete masculino
      carretel masculino
      reel masculino Río de la Plata

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    baile de origen escocés
    • The jig is the first solo dance that children are taught, then usually the reel, both of which are done in soft shoes.
    • The children of Brendan and Theresa Walsh of Rhue, Lisa and Alan danced jigs and reels to the music from the tin whistle of Nicola Walpole.
    • She did herself and her teachers proud as she danced reels and slip-jigs in her wonderful costume.
    • This one was a reel, and Peter was convinced that there was not a girl in the world he'd rather dance a reel with than Laura Hope.
    • Meanwhile, Rathbone picked up a few tips on how to dance reels, how to negotiate her way around country-house bureaucracy and how to reconstruct a walled vegetable garden.
    • Sylvia O'Donovan's display of Irish dancing was a big hit as were the reels and hornpipes of cousins Deirdre Bonham and Gillian Reilly from the Mary Gohery school of dancing.
    • Everyone can dance the reels and such, but I know Miss Alberta loves to waltz.
    • Meanwhile Grainne, competing against one hundred and twenty dancers got seventh place for her reel and was placed tenth in the Championships.
    • Songs were sung, jigs and reels danced out and some excellent poetry was recited.
    • As a young officer in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, he became adept at reels, strathspeys and sword dances.
    • Forget all about rowdy post-wedding dances where an eightsome is an excuse to throw women around, reels are danced energetically but correctly.
    • In the reel, each step consists of eight counts of four, done on the right side and then repeated on the left side.
    • When told by his factor some years ago that sex and dancing reels might go hand in glove, an elderly Highland laird was much moved by the nobility of the concept for he was a devotee of both activities.
    • During a jolly visit to the island, Johnson and Boswell danced a reel on the flat top of Dun Caan and discovered a prehistoric souterrain near Raasay House.
    • Suzanne and her sister Ann-Marie danced jogs, reels and hornpipes, to the delight of everyone present.
    • ‘You do not dance any reels, Grace,’ Frank said, and he came to stand by her and placed gentle hands on her shoulders.
    • Also on hand to entertain were young Irish dancers who performed reels, jigs and hornpipes.
    • After they arrived in Louisiana, Anglo-American immigrants to Louisiana contributed new fiddle tunes and dances, such as reels, jigs, and hoedowns.
    • The orchestra whoops, lets out war cries, and dances a demented reel.
    • She also danced an old reel which she got from Johnny Kelly of Bekan and that was specially in memory of Dominic Stenson, a great old style step dancer who had been laid to rest in Achadh Mor the day before.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(move unsteadily)

      he came reeling out of the room salió de la habitación tambaleándose / dando tumbos
      • she reeled back from the blow el golpe la echó hacia atrás
      • The man exclaimed in shock and pain, reeling out of the bush.
      • He shouted as the man reeled away from Rubiss, staggering to one knee under the force of the blow.
      • The cat reeled backwards violently, clamping the collar of Maryn's tunic in its jaw.
      • Danny was downbeat and self-absorbed, reeling from one personal incident to the next like a ship without a compass, and his friends were a mixed bunch of dipsomaniacs and egotists.
      • He reeled away from me, a string of violent curses flying from his mouth.
      • He reeled away with the force of the impact, before staggering slightly and regaining balance.
      • Diners are discreetly shielded from the gaze of drinkers reeling past outside by the kind of blinds you often find on Greek or Italian restaurants.
      • ‘It is humiliating to see people reeling around dead drunk on a Friday or Saturday night,’ she says.
      • The shot caught me low at the side of my back and I staggered with the impact, reeling into the wall as pain almost immobilized me.
      • Olga Knipper-Chekhova reeled back in shock and collapsed behind the curtain in confusion and terror.

    • 1.2(feel impact)

      they were still reeling from the last price rise todavía no se habían recuperado del impacto de la última subida de precios

    • 1.3reeling present participle

      (motion/gait) tambaleante

  • 2

    (move in circles)
    (walls/room) dar vueltas
    my head was reeling todo me daba vueltas

verbo transitivo

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