Traducción de refine en Español:


refinar, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈfʌɪn//rəˈfaɪn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (oil/sugar) refinar
    • When oil is refined this reaction is used to remove unwanted alkenes.
    • In the 150 years human being have drilled for and refined petroleum, it's estimated we've used about 1 trillion barrels.
    • Though it will be hard to prove in court, the drug was probably refined in North Korea, from opium poppies grown there as part of a deliberate government program.
    • But perhaps the most impressive feat was refining the oil to run vehicles.
    • Arabs were probably the first to cultivate and refine sugar around the Mediterranean.
    • The mining corporation stations thrived as they specialised in refining the raw materials needed by everyone.
    • Just weeks after the refinery had resumed production of petroleum products, a fire has again swept through one of the furnaces that refines petrol.
    • Most horticultural oils are refined from crude oil.
    • Copper sulfate comes from refining the metal and is used as a fungicide.
    • It used to be a real problem to refine sugar before his invention made the process simpler and more profitable.
    • The process gradually refines the steel - compacting the grain while adjusting the carbon content.
    • So we need more refineries or we at least more refining capacity.
    • It now refines Saudi oil and has emerged as a banking powerhouse for the Islamic world.
    • A large portion of imported Nigerian oil is refined into gasoline due to its low sulfur content.
    • The government would also encourage joint ventures and private sector investment in petroleum refining.
    • It handles 40% of the UK's oil production and 90% of Scotland's oil and gas is refined there.
    • It refines the silver to 99.9% purity and then sells it to London bullion markets.
    • Mineral extraction is important: crude oil is refined and exported, there are large coal, tin, and iron ore deposits, and China leads the world in tungsten ore production.
    • The second heating refines the coarse grains and leaves the steel in a softened condition.
    • Traditionally, low-grade heroin is refined from Afghan opium.
  • 2

    (style/design) pulir
    (design/style) perfeccionar
    • From then on, astrophysicists have continually refined the model by looking closer and closer.
    • We then used the results of our analysis to refine the original theory and to add to the literature in new ways.
    • Good investors continually refine their stock picking method, tweaking it here and there.
    • Universities not only transmit knowledge, they also refine existing knowledge and develop new knowledge and ideas.
    • Freud's theories were incidental - useful in refining traditional methods of popular control perhaps, but a sideshow.
    • The author refines a paper to the point that it is ready for exposure and discussion.
    • After the events of the last week, it looks as if we have merely refined our methods.
    • The frying method was refined by the Japanese into the light, crispy, yummy treat we know today.
    • The American system of training has been refined over the years and at no time is a trainee left unsupervised.
    • Laws against sexual harassment have been refined over the years, including harassment at the workplace.
    • The concept was subsequently refined by Myers and CI, most recently in 2000.
    • Rundle and Holliday are working to refine the method and find new ways to visualize the data.
    • The premise is correct: there has been progress; theories are refined, generalised, clarified, simplified, and perfected.
    • The Navy built upon the work of McCarty Little, continually refining his technique.
    • Our consensus now maintains social equilibrium by the more refined method of suppressing forms of thought.
    • The questionnaire was further refined on the basis of their feedback.
    • He attempted to simplify and refine existing theories and to present them from new perspectives.
    • Anderson's original design was then refined by Bill Lloyd, CCA's public relations department manager.
    • I try to touch on topics that I feel are universal, and refine my methods of communication so what I'm saying is clear to any listener.
    • The course materials and the presentation methods were progressively refined for each course.