Traducción de refreshing en Español:


refrescante, adj.

Pronunciación /rəˈfrɛʃɪŋ//rɪˈfrɛʃɪŋ/


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    (taste/bath/drink) refrescante
    (sleep) reparador
    (honesty/enthusiasm) reconfortante
    it's a refreshing change to see a woman in charge es alentador / da gusto ver que por una vez es una mujer la que está al frente
    • After the first creamy flush, their milk settles down and is made into soft fresh cheese with a refreshing chalky tang.
    • Some of the fans' remarks are quite refreshing to hear, due to the level of enthusiasm displayed.
    • I find your honesty quite refreshing, and your insults do not offend me.
    • You do not go to a counter to check in; you relax in a rattan chair as one smiling staff member brings you a cool drink, another a refreshing towel and yet another passes you the registration form to sign.
    • In these days and times it's quite refreshing to see people that enjoy it so much.
    • It is also a poignant and often funny drama based around two strong female characters, an unusual and refreshing choice for any genre.
    • There's nothing more refreshing than a bowl of strawberries on a hot summer afternoon.
    • But I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I think your blog really interesting - and refreshing - on a number of fronts.
    • Here are some easy, tasty, refreshing drinks and snacks you can make.
    • This might make them stupid, as well as noble, but it has always been a refreshing point of difference.
    • How refreshing to read about a famous person who is normal and intelligent!
    • Walking over to the stream, we kneel down for a refreshing drink.
    • This drink is fruity, sour, refreshing and not too sweet.
    • She was full of wonderfully refreshing oddities that I am still learning to appreciate.
    • It is said that drinking the refreshing water has a rejuvenating effect.
    • Their appeal for the wine drinker is that they are a refreshing and stimulating reminder of the passing of the seasons, a sort of liquid harvest tradition.
    • Breathing hurt at first, but each breath became less painful and more refreshing than the last.
    • The Gospel she shared with me was like a refreshing breeze in a sweltering summer.
    • I ordered some more refreshing green tea and casually asked the young girl who served us where the toilets were.
    • And it's refreshing to find an artist who refuses to give in to bitterness and resentment.
    • Whole dried berries can be soaked in water to produce a sour refreshing drink.
    • Unconventional use of materials, interesting lines and concepts and outside of the box thinking make this a very stimulating and refreshing building.
    • Participants spoke with refreshing candor about the things that were most important to them.
    • That's an entirely different kind of challenge, and it's very refreshing.
    • And all three flights I caught did leave and land on time, which makes a refreshing change.
    • Such an attitude from a developer is most welcome and it must be said makes a refreshing change.
    • Spray from the water hit her face and felt refreshing on her skin.
    • It's refreshing to see some honesty from the media.
    • Donnie Darko is an inventive and refreshing change from most teen movies and gives hope to those who are looking for something with a little more feeling and intelligence.
    • Light, fruity, exceptionally unfussy and clean, this is a refreshing lunchtime wine for summer - and a welcome addition to any cellar.
    • This is a hugely refreshing exhibition, inspiring in its honesty and lacking the contrived feel of so many group shows.
    • You will also notice a refreshing difference in your work process, as you grab and paste images into your documents with the ease previously reserved for text.
    • But for most people, the most popular beach activity remains lying in the sun with a refreshing drink next to them, soaking up the sunshine.
    • The ancient wells in the village are known for their cool and refreshing spring water.
    • It certainly gives me a refreshing feeling, much different from practising inside.
    • To be honest, I found these incidents rather refreshing.
    • It was so refreshing to see people smoke and drink with such blind enthusiasm.
    • Carry the cloths in a plastic bag in your backpack for a refreshing and stimulating energy boost.
    • Teenage boys often make newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons, so it makes a refreshing change to be able to report on the good deeds of one such lad.
    • The drive was a pleasant one, and the breeze was indeed refreshing.