Traducción de refuel en Español:


reabastecer de combustible, v.

Pronunciación /riːˈfjuː(ə)l//riˈfju(ə)l/

verbo transitivorefuelling, refuelled, refueling, refueled

  • 1

    (plane/ship) reabastecer de combustible
    • Yesterday, we took an opportunity to refuel the ships that are out here so that when we get back into port, we would be ready for anything that we might be tasked to do.
    • The 53-year-old was shot dead as he refuelled his car.
    • Honda in America is already piloting home energy stations which make hydrogen from natural gas so you can refuel your car in your drive.
    • He agreed with Mr Rose that he got out and paid for petrol when the car was refuelled during the journey but denied being involved in the offences.
    • One of the most difficult parts of the exercise was stopping about halfway to refuel the vessels, in seas of about one and a half metres.
    • Higgins was fuming at the Government for allowing the USA to use Shannon Airport as a military base for refueling their aircraft.
    • The cost of charging an electric car is small compared to that of refuelling a vehicle that runs an internal combustion engine.
    • While refuelling the car, the Team's mechanics detected a puncture, which necessitated a tyre change.
    • The tankers are for refuelling airplanes, which saw extensive action in the Afghanistan and Kosovo campaigns.
    • Rather than try and refuel the van he decided to simply take another vehicle.
    • If they could refuel Ben's truck, they could escape.
    • While aircraft are refueled, crews can find a warm meal and a comfortable place to rest.
    • The Dublin pilot had just refuelled his helicopter at Kerry airport and was heading to Tralee racecourse to pick up three passengers on a return trip to Dublin when the accident occurred.
    • In an emergency, you stop refueling any other aircraft in the pits and evacuate those aircraft, any fuel trucks and other personnel.
    • Whereas only about 25 aircraft were refueled on average per month in 1997, that figure has now risen to well above 100.
    • The facility, which repairs, overhauls and refuels nuclear-powered submarines, employs 4,300 civilian workers.
    • The squadron refuels all aircraft that land in Amberley both during the exercise and on normal tasking.
    • Since the beginning of coalition operations, the Australian detachments refuelled aircraft on more than 800 occasions, offloading more than 6 million pounds of fuel.
    • After a delay while refuelling the car of team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya, Schumacher was given new tyres but refused to rejoin the race.
  • 2

    (emotions) reavivar
    (speculation) intensificar

verbo intransitivorefuelling, refuelled, refueling, refueled

  • 1

    (plane/ship) repostar
    (plane/ship) reabastecerse de combustible
    (driver) poner gasolina
    (driver) poner bencina Andes
    (driver) cargar nafta Río de la Plata
    • Irish musicians are hoping their plea to stop US military aircraft refuelling at Shannon will strike the right chord with the Government.
    • Dolphin 43 launched at 8.20 pm and, after dropping another crew on the Kanimbla, they refuelled and relaunched, carrying enough fuel for their sortie plus an extra hour's worth.
    • The helicopter which the service hopes to acquire has bigger fuel tanks and can fly for longer without refuelling.
    • The collection of fuel data from the base gas station starts when a vehicle refuels.
    • Because a spacecraft is unable to carry much fuel and cannot refuel in-flight, other routes to autonomy have had to be explored.
    • The aircraft must refuel on Aitutaki before going on to the remote island, 1200 km northwest of Rarotonga.
    • The caravan had stopped only twice to refuel from the fuel truck that followed Hardy's carrier.
    • The aircraft refueled in Havana and returned to Canada arriving at about 6:00 a.m. on December 27th.
    • If a fire starts while you're refueling, don't remove the nozzle from the vehicle or try to stop the flow of gasoline.
    • Helicopters are turbine powered and have to go to a major airfield or an RAF station to refuel, whereas a piston-engined aircraft can refuel at practically any flying or gliding club.
    • After dropping into St Lucia, Martinez spent the next couple of hours refueling, gathering some supplies and charting his next course.
    • Buses could refuel at a central depot, making fuel supply and storage less of an issue.
    • She wanted to know whether Amnesty International was protesting at Shannon Airport when American troop carriers were refuelling with the permission of the Irish Government.
    • Aircraft have been forced to refuel at Darwin or Melbourne or to carry extra fuel to Australia.
    • Buy a hydrogen fuel cell car and you can only refuel at the manufacturers!
    • We exhausted our fuel supply, refueled, and continued searching the area.
    • In the distance she can hear battle ships landing to refuel and restock supplies.
    • Low fuel consumption and a large fuel tank mean you don't have to refuel as often.
    • After the helicopter refuelled for a second time, the crew finally airlifted the injured man at 9am as the trawler was en route to Castletownbere.