Traducción de refute en Español:


refutar, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈfjut//rɪˈfjuːt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • It is for the defence to search for evidence to refute the accusation's charges.
    • This process of using observation and experiment to refute false theories does not rely on induction in any way.
    • To be useful to scholars a proposition must be falsifiable - there must be something which could in theory refute the statement.
    • In these papers, where he was largely concerned with general philosophical problems of time and space, he adopted a quixotic standpoint in his attempt to refute the theory as being logically untenable.
    • It is the nullification of public discourse, for how can one refute accusations grounded in ethnicity?
    • If they are not correct, they have to be contradicted or refuted by evidence.
    • Most incorrect or incoherent claims are easily refuted by experience or logic but religious concepts are different.
    • Remember, he already knows the facts that I use to refute these accusations.
    • To refute the accusations, Ma went to Xianyang 215 Hospital for a hymen test on February 6.
    • This argument can be refuted by deriving a contradiction.
    • Fortunately, I do not have to refute the labor theory of value, it's already been done, see Human Action by Mises.
    • Dembski's latest attempt to refute Darwinian theory is by arguing that in a closed system, information can only decrease.
    • Some Austrian economists have tried to refute this argument by denying the very existence of an income effect.
    • As with all research, evaluations of these hypotheses will not confirm or refute associated theories but may allow refinement of theories.
    • Second, the evidence refutes the notion that the underclass syndrome is ironclad.
    • I haven't had much success refuting their accusations.
    • He thus single-handedly refutes the Platonic theory of evil as ignorance of the good.
    • Naturally, the panelists are keen to refute the various theories and game plans that dominate the thinking of the ruling establishment in Washington.
    • Such restraint certainly appears to refute any accusation of aerial terrorism and seems almost magnanimous compared to the British propensity to bomb any suspicious activity.
    • That story alone would appear to refute the accusations of those who have denounced Sonia as a gold-digger, capitalising on the vulnerability of Orwell when he was dying.
  • 2uso criticado

    • Before Taiden could even begin to refute these accusations, the crowd turned on him.
    • Sheikh Hamad refuted those accusations, saying that all the children were Sudanese who entered the country legally and were accompanied by their parents or a guardian.
    • Waterford Against Racism vehemently refutes the outrageous accusations made by Minister of Justice, John O'Donoghue in the past week.
    • Kenyon refuted all these accusations and was clearly annoyed they have been made public.
    • The Republicans also refuted the accusations that The Joker was part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.
    • The Cosla group, however, refutes any accusations of unfair play, claiming that McConnell and the rest of the group are simply showing ‘foresight’ in setting out local government's views.
    • As an experienced Real Estate Agent I strongly refute the claims made in this letter.
    • We totally refute any suggestion that these dismissals are linked to anything other than a serious breach of discipline.
    • He was scheduled to hold a press conference in Bangkok later Saturday to refute accusations by the Cambodian government that he incited the riots.
    • The accusations have been refuted by K & WVR bosses, who said figures released this week showed that the number of people travelling on the five-mile line was continuing to increase.
    • After they went public the minister refuted the accusation.
    • He also refuted suggestions that a resident was not given daily walks as required.
    • Pasiya strongly refutes these allegations, accusing some of these players of ill discipline.
    • Responding to concerns in the Northern Isles, NorthLink have refuted accusations that it is seeking to cut jobs in the islands.
    • When Mahendran confronted them, they were annoyed and refuted his accusation.
    • Su's accusation was refuted by city government officials, who said the construction completion date had been officially postponed to the end of August next year.
    • I refute Mr Strausbaugh's accusations but I applaud his championing of Ballard.
    • Indeed recently, Egypt has been keen to refute accusations that it has lost its influence in Africa and that it perceives Africa as a fourth priority, after the Middle East, the US, and Europe.
    • The students' protest was refuted by IPB spokesman Agus Lelana, who said the institute would support the administration's effort to ease congestion in the area.
    • But again, this has not been substantiated, on the contrary it was flatly refuted by one of the people we spoke to.