Traducción de regain en Español:


recuperar, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈɡeɪn//rəˈɡeɪn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (territory/freedom/strength) recuperar
    (territory/freedom/strength) recobrar
    to regain consciousness volver en sí
    • to regain one's composure recobrar la compostura
    • to regain the lead volver a ponerse en cabeza
    • Wool production recovered but never regained its former economic importance.
    • Then we must work hard later in life to regain the abilities we had as children.
    • The leader of the monks was taken aback, but quickly regained his composure.
    • Under Deng Xiaoping, the reformers slowly regained control of the country.
    • One can only hope that after a period away, he regains his strength and returns for another round with Africa, in all her loves and her sadnesses, too.
    • Hamlet names him new ruler of Denmark before he dies, and Fortinbras regains all of his father's lost land, and becomes King of Denmark.
    • Large classes of freight traffic were lost, as well, never to be regained.
    • Quickly regaining his composure he whipped out a cigarette and a bottle of beer.
    • Woodson intends to return only if he regains full strength.
    • They can't, and don't need to, wait until Democrats regain power.
    • When she had finally regained consciousness she wasn't surprised to find Dai missing.
    • And if the Republicans regain the Senate in November he may get his way.
    • Wilson has regained the ability to laugh at himself and Mr Young said his recent progress had been tremendous.
    • The House of Commons itself would regain much of the power lost over the last three years.
    • He had gotten back to third lieutenant but never regained his confidence or former rank.
    • After getting over his shock and confusion, Candide regains his optimism when he reaches Venice.
    • He spent three months in hospital but began to regain feeling in his limbs.
    • Ciresi lost the primary, but Grams lost the general election and failed to regain his Senate seat.
    • It is vital to this country that the Festival regain its world class status and ambition.
    • I tried to slowly regain control of myself the next day.
  • 2

    (return to)
    (shore) llegar a
    (shore) alcanzar
    • Plans are now taking shape to ensure that the building regains its place at the creative centre of arts and science with a new bid to create a creative industries centre within its walls.
    • Doncaster regained third place in the league overtaking Sheffield Collegiate who did not have a league game.
    • Thus the viol consort has to some extent regained its place as the chamber ensemble par excellence.
    • York City Knights star Trevor Krause has regained his place in the National League Two team of the month.
    • The lost corner of the west had regained its central position and Europe had reclaimed its east.
    • The Blair government meanwhile is desperate to regain the high ground on its decision to go to war.
    • Her main target is to regain the world No 1 spot she held for three weeks in the autumn.