Traducción de regard en Español:


considerar, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈɡɑːd//rəˈɡɑrd/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(consider)

      to regard sth/sb as sth
      • they regard her as a genius la consideran un genio
      • I regard it as my duty to warn you considero (que es) mi deber advertirte
      • they regard it as vital that … consideran fundamental que …
      • initially, they regarded her with suspicion al principio recelaban de ella
      • how do you regard the situation there today? ¿qué opinión le merece / cómo ve usted la situación actual allí?
      • her employers regard her very highly sus jefes tienen muy buena opinión de ella / la tienen en gran estima
      • a highly regarded university una universidad muy respetada / de gran reputación
      • We reluctantly conclude that we must regard the resulting convictions as unsafe.
      • Stewart, though, is well regarded in banking circles and could be the right man at the right time.
      • In 1851 he founded his own piano factory, producing instruments highly regarded by his contemporaries.
      • The Importance of Being Earnest is regarded in some circles as being Wilde's best work.
      • Second, the notion that people will be genetically designed is widely regarded with suspicion rather than anticipation.
      • But moulds, although generally regarded with suspicion, are also of importance.
      • None of those matters elaborated can possibly be regarded as irrelevant considerations.
      • He did not regard his formal studies to be a happy experience, but remained a life-long disciple of self-culture.
      • I have set that part of the judgment out in detail because I regard it as of considerable importance.
      • I regard this statement of considerable importance; it sets the background against which it is crucial to consider the issues in the case.
      • He was widely regarded by colleagues as one of the leading experts in his field.
      • Both are utterly professional and are regarded with something approaching awe by their contemporaries.
      • How do you feel about being a regarded as a lesbian sex symbol?
      • The political party is regarded with cynical disdain.
      • While well regarded by his contemporaries he did not exert major influence or attract artistic followers.
      • More people are now willing to listen to the man many once regarded with contempt or annoyance.
      • Having studied and lived overseas for 15 years, Cai regards this fireworks show as a good chance for him to gain contact with the country's mainstream culture.
      • Elsewhere, artists examine how America regards their own countries.
      • At this point it is interesting to look back and consider which we regard as his cleverest clue.
      • Yet, you're generally regarded now as a great sculptor and artist.

  • 2literario

    (look at)
    • He leaned back against the edge of the table and regarded me steadily.
    • She sent Daniel an apologetic look, but he was regarding Melvin with rigid steadiness.
    • Above him the huge form peered down at him and regarded him quizzically.
    • While Mona stares uncomfortably into the horse's eye, Tamsin regards her with poised bemusement.
    • Angus produced his Ordinance Survey map and Jimmy regarded it with distaste.
    • But Rich, silent until now, was regarding Shaun with a contemplative gaze.
    • When I looked up she was regarding me with a level stare.
    • It's been a week and he still regards me with that disconcertingly haunted stare.
    • I was also uncomfortably aware of the fact that Brendan was regarding me with a steady gaze.
    • He was regarding her steadily; she couldn't quite be sure whether he was smiling or not.
    • I lazily dropped the envelopes to my side on the couch and sat back with a hopeless sigh, staring directly at the droning television, not regarding anything happening on it.
    • She turned her head to regard him with a deathly frosty gaze.
    • When he turned his gaze to regard the trees, he realized that they seemed to be fading in and out of existence whenever he attempted to focus on one.
    • He jerked his head out of her grip, and regarded her again with that emotionless gaze of his.
    • Regan turned around to regard him, but the guard squirmed under his gaze.
    • With a small sigh, Laine turned her gaze to Alvar, who was regarding Lexa with an expression that was a cross between confusion and anxiety.
    • There was no emotion on his face, and his gaze seemed pretty blank as he regarded it, as though waiting for something to happen.
    • I regarded my toes as they peeped out of the water while I floated on my back.
    • Edella regards me quizzically, but I just stare right back at her with an equally confused expression.
    • He, evidently, did not know what he was in store for, because he was regarding her with a patronizing stare, most likely underestimating her abilities.
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    tener en cuenta


  • 1

    • 1.1(esteem)

      to have a high regard for sb tener a algn en gran estima
      • I have a great regard for her professional judgment respeto mucho su criterio profesional
      • the company holds your work in high regard la empresa tiene muy buena opinión de su trabajo

    • 1.2(consideration)

      consideración femenino
      they have no regard for other people's feelings no tienen ninguna consideración por los sentimientos de los demás
      • regard for sb/sth
      • she shows little regard for convention respeta muy poco las convenciones
      • without regard for her own safety sin pensar en el riesgo que corría
      • they paid no regard to my wishes hicieron caso omiso de mis deseos
      • Athletes usually take these supplements recklessly with no regard for their welfare.
      • Equal treatment without regard to race remains the enduring promise of the American creed.
      • However, these norms are thrown to the winds and the owners have scant regard for public safety.
      • He loses his sense of honour, and often his regard for truth.
      • In my judgment it is legitimate to have regard to public perception when considering the characteristics of a penal system.
      • His Lordship was satisfied on the material before him that the Justices had regard to the material consideration.
      • I'm also concerned that the change is being made piecemeal, without regard to the proposed redevelopment of the waterfront and City Hall car park.
      • Societies that imagine corporate identity, as nations or religions often do, pay more attention to the whole and give less regard to the individuals who form the whole.
      • The goal of this principle is the prevention of broad indiscriminate attacks without regard to civilian casualties and property.
      • Out here even the local authority pays scant regard to the notices and rules of the Department of Nature Conservation.
      • In fact, Gandhi said that only people with a high regard for the law were qualified for civil disobedience.
      • Indiscriminately slashing parking space by half with no regard to residents' own needs is wrong, few can argue with that.
      • But that does not mean they were conducted without regard to theory.
      • I am unable to accept the submission that the Secretary of State paid too little regard to therapeutic considerations.
      • Mr O'Gorman said the Church had continually fought compensation cases in a callous manner showing no regard for the victims concerned.
      • A man walks this land, a madman who holds no regard for human life.
      • They're determined to impose this agreement on the Australian people without regard for very legitimate concerns.
      • They seem to have nothing to say about our government conducting itself without regard to morality whenever it is convenient.
      • Our politicians show little regard for animal welfare or human safety.
      • Such things ought not to interfere with our regard for the sanctity of human life.

  • 2regards plural

    saludos masculino
    recuerdos masculino
    please give Tom my regards dale saludos / recuerdos de mi parte a Tom
    • Sheila sends her regards Sheila manda saludos / recuerdos
    • kind regards, John saludos, John
    • Thanks to everyone for their best wishes and regards.
    • The President of Ireland sent her regards and friends and relations from her home place and from Castledermot gathered to wish her well for a long, long time to come.
    • And last but not least, send warm wishes, love, and best regards to yourself and Sara.
    • Don't forget to tell the guys that I send regards and that I hope we can be together in Silver City.
    • By the way, give my regards to your friend Rhapsody, and thank her for her kindness.
    • José, a product of Port Rex High School and Pollock Sports, sends his regards to friends here and says ‘see you in November’.
    • First of all, I would like to convey my deep regards to our best friend Mr. Bush.
    • I hope the article is coming along well. Regards, Jack Farquhar
    • I asked him to pass on my regards and my hopes that life, no matter how short from now on, will be kind to them.
    • Please pass on my thanks and regards to your friend, Stoatie.
    • First, I send my sincerest regards to the friends and family of Mr Luxton, Mr Falloon, and, of course, David Lange.
    • Best regards and thanks once again for helping to spread the good news!
    • At any rate, I am looking forward to Anansi Boys and I love your blog. Warmest regards, Mary Bongiovi
    • For those living on the other side of the wall, well, they had our warmest personal regards and best wishes.
    • His many friends and supporters in Killarney send their best regards to the genial Christy and we all hope to see him out and about very soon.
    • But please give my regards and good wishes to your family, especially to Gwen.
    • Well, we're coming home soon, my family sends their regards.
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    she is fortunate in one regard tiene suerte en un aspecto