Traducción de regenerate en Español:


revitalizar, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈdʒɛnəreɪt//rəˈdʒɛnəˌreɪt/

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    • Plans to regenerate the graveyard at Heaton Baptist church are being put into action by a group of Bradford residents fighting to protect the Victorian cemetery.
    • But we must continually regenerate ourselves to remain successful in an increasingly competitive environment.
    • He has even begun winning commissions from Foster, including a plan to regenerate a site at Elephant and Castle in south London.
    • It will help regenerate the area and bring in vast numbers of visitors who will boost the borough's economy.
    • Yorkshire miners facing redundancy are set to benefit from an £11m Government package to help them find another job and regenerate the area.
    • Won't ordinary people benefit if the Olympics come to London and areas are regenerated?
    • He said this showed the system was slow and didn't adequately recognise the impact commercial development can have in regenerating run-down areas.
    • A spokeswoman for Sheffield Council said the overall aim was to regenerate the area by demolishing housing in a poor condition in areas of deepening social exclusion.
    • We are supposed to be regenerating an area which fell victim to violent rioters!
    • And it would release an area of land which could help regenerate the town centre.
    • The runner up award was presented to Andy Doldisson for his 20 years of work as a bushcare volunteer, replanting and regenerating the shores of Drummoyne and Five Dock.
    • He praises the government for putting in money to regenerate the area.
    • Longer term there were plans to regenerate the area with residential, retail and leisure developments.
    • We're contributing to the local economy and the school population, and regenerating the rural area.
    • The skate park is part of overall plans to regenerate the park and the idea came out of a public meeting two years ago to find out what people using the park wanted.
    • The publication of the Gambling Bill has been accompanied by claims that new casinos will regenerate rundown areas and be good for the economy.
    • The government's plans to regenerate the area were announced in March last year by Tony Blair and John Prescott.
    • The excitement created by an arena will boost and help regenerate the whole borough.
    • Everyone goes on about regenerating the area but no one is making it easier for young people who want to remain here to stay.
    • This year she was put in charge of the government's agency for regenerating brownfield sites in England, while running an internet publishing company.
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    • The researchers identified and harvested stem cells from the brains of adult mice and encouraged them to grow by mimicking the way the brain naturally regenerates.
    • The point is that once upon a time we didn't think that brains could regenerate.
    • New biomaterials could regenerate and repair human tissues.
    • By the time the cast is removed the tendon has regenerated to a proper length.
    • Reinnervation is the process in which damaged nerves regenerate.
    • Debriding the devitalized tissue will allow the underlying healthy tissue to regenerate.
    • Implanted epithelium regenerates unevenly postoperatively, creating clumps of epithelial tissue under the flap.
    • She is using biodegradable polymers, basically specialty plastics, to help severed nerves regenerate and reconnect cell by cell.
    • Goldfish retinal axons are able to regenerate and grow over isolated fish oligodendrocytes in vitro.
    • On this medium, somatic embryos regenerated from the calli.
    • The vet told me that she thought this was primarily about the cat not eating and that if I could force feed her, her liver would regenerate and she'd probably be okay.
    • Now that scientists understand that brain cells can regenerate, there may finally be a glimmer of hope in treating the horrible ailments that destroy them.
    • Studies have shown that mammalian cells appear to maintain the pathways required for tissues to regenerate.
    • A liver transplant would offer an 85 per cent success rate for curing Amy's condition, and could come from a child or part of an adult, as it is possible to split a liver and for the organ to regenerate.
    • Because the tendon must regenerate, the rehab period can last from four to nine months.
    • Only a few years ago, the concept of blood cells transmuting into lung cells would have been no less heretical because it was widely accepted that the human lung had a limited capacity to grow and regenerate.
    • The donor's liver usually regenerates completely in about 12 months, but concerns remain over the risks of the resection and possible complications such as anastomotic strictures or leaks.
    • Estrogen may also greatly decrease a woman's risk for Alzheimer's disease by helping neurons grow and regenerate and decreasing inflammation.
    • Fortunately, skin regenerates constantly, which is the reason why the strategy of eliminating some cells is a good one.
    • It is possible to split the liver into two segments that can be shared between two recipients because the liver regenerates.

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