Traducción de regimen en Español:


régimen, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛdʒɪmən//ˈrɛdʒəmən/


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    régimen masculino
    • Continuous combined hormone replacement therapy regimens are safe and effective in the short term treatment of postmenopausal women
    • We also determined the costs of these treatment regimens to the NHS.
    • This includes dieting, exercise regimens, psychotherapy, or prescription medications.
    • Not all patients will be able to achieve the goal of durable viral suppression, and treatment regimens need to be individualized.
    • The same trials also revealed that 96 percent of women on the regimen would recommend its use to others.
    • Many clinicians have tailored patient treatment regimens through hemodynamic monitoring.
    • To date, long-term medical therapies and regimens have not been effective in treating morbid obesity.
    • Health officials have announced that they will re-evaluate the treatment regimen of ribavirin and steroids.
    • The CDC provided two treatment regimens for extended protection against anthrax.
    • The mainstay of initial treatment is a structured regimen of physical therapy.
    • All treatment regimens were generally well tolerated.
    • The authors concluded that no significant difference in adverse events was evident among the various treatment regimens.
    • However, the ideal regimen and duration of treatment have not yet been resolved.
    • HRT therapy is one of the most commonly prescribed drug regimens for postmenopausal women in the United States.
    • Our secondary hypothesis was that relapse rates would be same in the two treatment regimens.
    • Trials of anti-inflammatory treatment regimens for sepsis have had few successes.
    • Treatments included standard regimens of whole brain radiation and/or chemotherapy.
    • Treatment with standard regimens is highly effective even in this immunocompromised population.
    • They may try to hide their symptoms and not stick to treatment regimens.
    • The physician needs to consider a number of factors in choosing a treatment regimen for the patient with acne.