Traducción de register en español:


registro, n.

Pronunciación: /ˈrɛdʒɪstə//ˈrɛdʒəstər/


  • 1

    (record, list)
    registro masculino
    (in school) lista femenino Britanico
    to sign the register firmar el (libro de) registro
    • to strike sb off the register expulsar a algn del colegio de médicos
    • to take / call the register pasar lista
    • School teachers were paid by contract according to an average of their attendance register.
    • Electronic whiteboards and computerised registers will help turn a Manchester secondary school into one of the country's most advanced.
    • The proposed sale in Australia of the emergency pill direct to women through pharmacies has sparked more controversy, with the major doctors' group calling for a register of names and addresses.
    • Students arrive and sit down, Jim Jomoa, head of DJ skills at the academy, calls out the register; it could be any higher education course at any uni or college in the UK.
    • Ms. Mihara reached inside her Mulberry tote and pulled out the class register, she put on her reading glasses and flipped through the pages.
    • More and more medical associations have set up registers for members to list interests that concern their employment or practice.
    • The main figure used by the Government to measure attendance is the percentage of pupil absence as recorded in school registers.
    • On Sunday afternoon last old roll books, daily report books and school registers were put on display as part of the school's centenary celebrations.
    • We have also implemented electronic monitoring and electronic registers.
    • In a later period a note of what each visitor was wearing was written up in an official register.
    • Only one priest could remain in each parish, and he had to put his name on a special register.
    • However, she said there were strong safeguards in her proposals to prevent names being placed unnecessarily on registers or lists.
    • A collection of exercise books and school registers collected as far back as the early 1900s are also on display.
    • The boy knew she was a schoolteacher, for he had found her class register and kept it in his beside table.
    • Only descendants of families of longstanding wealth and social prominence gain admission to such schools and listing in such registers.
    • The Medical Council removed his name from the medical register in 1999 pending the outcome of its inquiry.
    • Previous investigations have found many MEPs turning up only to sign the attendance register - to receive the daily rate - and then leaving.
    • However, a vote was taken last March among the 25 qualified electors named on the register of electors at Kennedy Street.
    • He appealed to the young voters to come out to vote and to make sure their names are on the register of electors.
    • I got out the grave registers and I listed all the men of my regiment who are buried at Bayeux and Caen.
    • They started maintaining a register for attendance everyday.
    • Some education authorities have cut truancy by introducing electronic registers, which can plot patterns of absences.
    • Athy pupils will no longer be able to play truant and hope to get away with it, following the introduction of Ireland's first high tech electronic register.
    • This register lists all members of staff who were ever employed in the goods yards of the various stations on the SER, but it is not clear what the staff establishment was at any of the stations.
    • Schools in the borough have also used government money to introduced new electronic registers to make it more difficult to fake attendance.
    • While the graveyard register has recorded the names of those buried in the cemetery identity of those buried in some graves is difficult to establish.
    • New members have been putting their names on the register there and there is no cost to join.
    • The DC took the attendance register in his custody and ordered an inquiry into the case.
    • I was struggling my hardest against the temptation to laugh, but the look of hideous repugnance on her face coaxed the hilarity out of me, and I found myself trying not to laugh as I answered my name in the register.
    • If you are over 18 and were resident at your present address in September 2003 it is important that your name is on the register.
    • Information about use of bed days was available from official registers for all patients (except those who died or emigrated).
    • I am interested in finding the staff registers, student records, minute books and copies of school magazines.
    • Town Clerk Helen Dowling said the council had drawn up a list of derelict buildings and would be sending out notices to owners whose names appeared on the register.
    • After a month, they took this register to the District Board, showed them proof of the teacher's non-attendance and managed to get him transferred.
    • Among the most popular display items were the large class registers, which recorded the attendance records of children going back to 1910.
    • The administrator takes the class registers and rings around parents whose children are absent and who have not contacted the school.
    • Sinn Féin is advising members of the public who wish to vote in next year's local and European elections to check that their names are on the register immediately.
    • For starters, we need an official register of charities.
    • In Canada, the register lists the first evidence of genetic contamination of a wild relative as a result of commercial growing of a genetically modified crop.
    • A further 270 offenders currently serving time in prison for sex crimes will also have their names added to the register when they complete their sentences.
    • The combination of his voice with the lower register of the viola sends shivers down the spine.
    • The voice is a little colourless in its lower register, compensated by a bright tone in the middle of his voice, and meticulous intonation.
    • On ‘Who’, she lets her voice plunge into the lower registers, with an almost rumbling baritone.
    • His condition makes the highest registers of his instrument out of bounds, but he has compensated by producing beautifully full and tender flugelhorn-like sounds in the lowest.
    • Although the masks do not cover the actors' mouths, the lower registers of some voices are lost when sound is trapped between mask and face.
    • He projects a tremendous sound across all registers of the instrument, while conveying the poetry of the score.
    • Courtois has an extraordinary range, pushing his instrument quite comfortably into registers normally reserved for the viola and even violin.
    • In all probability he sang alto from 1735 to 1739 and then descended to bass and, as we have seen, passing through the tenor register briefly.
    • The scientist's voice had practically made it into the soprano register at this point, and his eyes were huge.
    • Fox, however, seemed to sing in a register too high for her voice.
    • Even on tenor his preference is for the highest register, sometimes pushing the capabilities of the instrument further than one would believe possible.
    • The role does, however, expose a flaw in her technique, namely imperfect control in her voice's upper registers.
    • The Dolby 2.0 surround is clear and resonate, with a rich bass component that emphasizes the lower register of Lance's voice.
    • She doesn't shy away from using her chest voice campily, and her upper registers are no less thrilling.
    • I still had problems with my lower register, despite so many years of singing lessons.
    • Diction is unclear, and much of her lower register is lost in the orchestra.
    • I know that with a high voice like mine, I cannot sing in the low register unless I am relaxed, but relaxing is not my strong suit!
    • She has an astounding range of dynamics which she puts to good use and she intones the notes of her deep lower register softly and poignantly to indicate the gnawing pain of loss.
    • Whenever she referred to ‘Her Highness’ she raised her eyes to heaven and her voice to a high register.
    • In his early years, Caruso often ruminated over whether he was a tenor or a baritone, the upper register of his voice being naturally weaker than the lower.
    • In some languages, and some registers of English, syntactic tangling like this is normal.
    • Written language is often a special register, distinct from most styles of speech, and the information conveyed by writing and by speech is not identical.
    • For such people, standard English is the register of formal communication, complemented by vernacular usage for other purposes.
    • In addition to regional and social dialects, two other varieties often discussed by sociolinguists are register and style.
    • Anatomical terminology and slang exist in competing registers, and offer different possibilities for communication in such contexts.
    • Compilers determine which information should be stored in registers.
  • 2

    registro masculino
  • 3

    registro (idiomático) masculino
    differences in register (feminine plural) diferencias de registro
  • 4

    caja (registradora) femenino
  • 5

    registro masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (death/birth) inscribir
    (death/birth) registrar
    (ship/car) matricular
    are you registered with Dr Adams? ¿está inscrito / registrado como paciente del Dr Adams?
  • 2

    (send by registered post)
    mandar certificado
    mandar registrado México
    mandar recomendado Uruguay Colombia
  • 3

    registered charity organización benéfica registrada femenino
    • registered company compañía registrada
    • registered office domicilio social
    • registered share acción nominativa
    • registered shareholder titular
  • 4

    registered nurse enfermera titulada femenino
    • a Panamanian-registered ship un barco de matrícula panameña
  • 5

    registrado México
    recomendado Uruguay Colombia
    to send sth registered mandar algo registrado México
  • 6

    (make known)
    (protest) hacer constar
    (complaint) presentar
  • 7

    her face registered no emotion su cara no acusó / denotó emoción alguna
    • the dial registered 700 volts la aguja registraba / marcaba 700 voltios
  • 8

    (detect) detectar
    (realize) darse cuenta de
    (realize) caer en la cuenta de

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (in US, enroll)
    Universidad matricularse
    Universidad inscribirse
    (at a hotel) registrarse
    to register with a doctor inscribirse en la lista de pacientes de un médico
    • to register to vote inscribirse para votar
    • (in US) to register as a Democrat/Republican inscribirse como votante demócrata/republicano
  • 2

    (show up)
    ser detectado
  • 3

    (be understood, remembered)
    she did tell me her name, but it didn't register me dijo su nombre, pero no lo retuve / no me quedó
    • eventually it registered who he was al final caí en la cuenta de quién era
    • we're losing our jobs, has that registered with you? nos vamos a quedar sin trabajo, a ver si te enteras de una vez