Traducción de regrettably en Español:


lamentablemente, adv.

Pronunciación /rɪˈɡrɛtəbli//rəˈɡrɛdəbli/


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    there was a regrettably poor turnout lamentablemente asistió muy poca gente
    • With a large staff and entrance fees discouragingly high for small exhibitions, the future of these Hermitage Rooms is regrettably unsure.
    • But regrettably nothing tangible did come out after so long years of the Board's coming into existence.
    • On Friday, an impressive panel of speakers will address the main event which, regrettably, is confined to students and teachers.
    • Dan had recently undergone major surgery for a heart complaint, but regrettably did not make a full recovery.
    • It's an arresting beginning, and one that regrettably proves to be a false alarm.
    • He also said that 120,000 monuments are recorded in Ireland, but regrettably many have been lost in progress.
    • Although they have used dancers on occasion in their concerts, regrettably, they will not be doing so here.
    • Some bands, regrettably, have a message and are very serious about it.
    • Lennox managed to score twice in the match but regrettably one of those was an own goal.
    • Elsewhere the standards are regrettably and evidently less exacting.
    • She said that regrettably, the only other available public building in the area was across the Kilkenny border.
    • In recent times, many of us have regrettably not done the country any good.
    • It attains its desired measure of solitude and, regrettably, much, much worse.
    • The reality of the two day forum, regrettably, was vastly different.
    • But, regrettably, the matter was and still is self-evidently one of public interest.
    • The scheme has been very successful in the past, but, regrettably, has been somewhat inactive in some areas over the past number of years.
    • They've confirmed that regrettably, they will not be getting any more in until the New Year.
    • In fact, this statement could not be further from reality - things are, regrettably, much worse.
    • The result, regrettably, is that the bank and the fund risk being run by people who might not be the best available choice for the job.
    • The result is undeniably and regrettably messy.