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regular, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛɡjʊlə//ˈrɛɡjələr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(evenly spaced)

      at regular intervals (in time) con regularidad
      • his pulse is regular su pulso es regular
      • to keep regular hours llevar una vida ordenada / metódica
      • The modified instructions should boast regular structure and should suit for flawless execution in very simple functional units.
      • So does the image of a society with so ordered, predictable, and regular a daily round that the minutest deviation from routine constitutes a clue to the eagle-eyed sleuth.
      • The British arrived from a land of neat farms, specific hedgerows, a regular cycle of tilling the land and a cultivation timetable based on seasons.
      • Specimens have been found all over the world, but it's not clear if they have regular migration patterns.
      • The Drosophila compound eye contains around 800 individual ommatidia, arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern.
      • Semicircular solid bastions were spaced at regular intervals along the ramparts.
      • In the latter period of the Western Zhou dynasty bronze scripts became more regular, with sharper angles and thinner lines.
      • Once you've found one nail head, others should be spaced at regular intervals.
      • Except on the bottom and top floors, the windows, arranged in a completely regular pattern, are simple holes in the wall with simple frames.
      • Synchronous applications have a regular structure, and in general, are the simplest to code and parallelize.
      • I sat on a bench, spaced at regular intervals like all the others, indexed by a number, in this case the number One, and dedicated in memoriam to a dead appreciator of the park.
      • Ohlson varies his regular structure by making two rectangles within each of four vertical quadrants.
      • The mostly open-plan working areas are equally generous in space, and they flow at regular intervals into ‘break out spaces’.
      • To assist us in teaching, and to give the students a regular format, we have prepared a teaching framework for the classes.
      • A standard closet is generally equipped with regular poles and shelf space.
      • Lateral inhibition is also involved in the regular spacing of hair cells or trichomes on root and leaf surfaces.

    • 1.2(consistent, habitual)

      (customer/reader/contributor) habitual
      (customer/reader/contributor) asiduo
      don't be surprised, that's a regular occurrence no te sorprendas, eso es muy frecuente / pasa con mucha frecuencia
      • to be in regular employment tener empleo fijo
      • the regular staff el personal permanente
      • regular troops tropas regulares
      • one of the regular features of the paper uno de los artículos regulares del periódico
      • on a regular basis regularmente
      • Imagine having access to a car whenever you need it, but without the hassle of registration, insurance and having to find regular parking space.
      • The meeting instructed the secretary to ask the Town Council to arrange for sufficient space to be left to regular stallholders if in future the market hall is again let for a similar purpose.
      • The couple, who met in North Wales, were having a late afternoon wedding at St Paul's Church, in Holgate, where they are regular worshippers and run a youth group.
      • Also, as a regular worshipper at St James's Church, Thornton, John clearly finds church-going congenial.
      • Along with its regular induction, the Songwriters Hall of Fame also doles out a few special prizes.
      • Jumping up, she changed into her regular work clothes even though school was over for that day.
      • Please view the italics as simply the opposite of the regular format, and vice versa.
      • The pub has continued to be popular during the summer months with a regular influx of visitors to Rosses Point.
      • The chairman of the Hounslow Jamia Mosque, Suleman Chachia, said Hanif was a regular worshipper and had been attending prayers for at least the last two years.
      • This pedicure is designed for those who want more than just the regular change of toe-nail polish.
      • Nickione had changed back to his regular form and sat on the sidewalk holding Kristianna.
      • Books in digital format, also known as e-books, can be read on devices lacking the power and screen space to afford a regular Web browser.
      • The Flying Scotsman was a regular York visitor when it ran from London to Scotland from 1923 to 1963.
      • Mary Morgan, of Durrington, also remembers Rick, his wife and their two children as regular worshippers.
      • The family is being supported by friends from All Saints' Church, Little Horton, where they are regular worshippers.
      • However, the slowness of the official channels, and Nicholas's desire to have all strings in his own hand, caused him to bypass the regular processes.
      • He walked out of the bathroom area, going to his locker to change back into his regular clothes, but deciding to wait until he cooled off completely.
      • Moreover, server processors very often boast some features, which will be of absolutely no use in regular desktop platforms.
      • Teba, who is a regular worshipper at St Michael-Le-Belfry Church, helped out at the local school in Oussouye.
      • These were probably formulaic, and he was able to tinker with his regular format to suit.
      • But millions of dollars are expected to pour in to the city in the next fortnight - and not just from our regular Easter visitors.
      • Flowers, left by local people, fill the porch of the 19 th-century chapel where the Queen Mother was a regular worshipper.
      • The three of them walked out of the room and left me to change into regular clothes.
      • Indeed, the priory is such a beautiful place it attracts regular worshippers from as far afield as Sedbergh and Dalton-in-Furness to attend services there.
      • My heart beat instantly dropped to its regular rhythm, seeing that it was only Rachel.
      • I figured they would be a change from my regular studs.
      • At present, the regular worshippers have found it difficult to find funds for routine running expenses.
      • Karen's family are all close and so the various in-laws are regular visitors to our house at weekends!
      • Only with this view, the design of tree guards is changed from the regular ones.
      • The three-day event saw its regular royal visitor Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, drop by.
      • Red and black threes have special properties as in regular canasta.
      • His supporters at St Hilda's Church in Cross Green, Leeds - where he is a regular worshipper - are now considering their options.
      • Although not a regular worshipper at St Mary's, he often read Christmas lessons at the church, and was heavily involved in the Thundridge community.
      • We now know how to change basic permissions on regular files, but what about directories?
      • As well as the regular engines, visitors will be able to ride steam engines from 11 am.
      • Then it's just like the regular process for the other stuff I'm making.
      • At 7: 15, I get off the ice and change back into my regular clothes, then I go home with Mom.

    • 1.3

      to be regular (in menstrual cycles) ser regular
      • It requires a regular menstrual cycle and is most effective in a long-term relationship.
      • When wine is matured in any other form of wooden container it is particularly important that the ullage space is minimized by regular topping up.
      • York council chiefs announced plans to dump regular weekly rubbish collections in an attempt to recycle more garden waste.
      • Women with regular menstrual cycles should begin testing for urinary LH about 3 days prior to expected ovulation.
      • He will defecate normally in his box, and behave regular.
      • It seems there is a problem with us using the space on a regular basis.
      • She added that they had also arranged for a security guard to patrol the site at regular intervals.
      • In school they also learn the importance of personal commitment, punctuality, regular attendance, planning for the future and working as a team.
      • Earlier onset of regular menstrual cycles is associated with early regular ovulatory menstrual cycles, a risk factor for the disease.
      • I also plan to be in regular attendance at Neighbourhood Watch, as well as local Pub Watch meetings.
      • Just last month, the council announced plans to increase access to the archives by holding a special evening opening, a service it plans to make a regular feature.
      • The lowest priority should be given to fit individuals with regular daytime duties who can make their routine journeys to work in other ways.
      • The individual consumer has the regular bill as an incentive to manage his or her use of the phone, but the corporate customer doesn't care too much about the cost and may not even see the bill.
      • It was in constant use for regular Thursday meetings and parties.
      • By investing a regular sum, for instance in an index tracker, you will simply be buying more units should prices fall.
      • The subjects were healthy premenopausal women with regular menstrual periods.
      • They intend planning regular editions of the newsletter to keep everyone up to date with their busy school life.
      • All nursing staff who work a regular night shift pattern have been allocated on-site parking spaces.
      • Patients were required to have had regular menstrual cycles and to have reported their symptoms for at least two years.
      • The party also says he is available to talk to the media at regular intervals during his constituency tours around the country.
      • Do you hope eventually to have your own performing space and a regular summer festival?
      • On the day Mr Marlow was issued with a ticket - July 4-his car was noticed twice in the mayor's space by different wardens on their regular beat.
      • Assuming there are no contraindications, a woman should plan to exercise at regular intervals.
      • First, readings are collected over an interval that takes into account regular tidal patterns.
      • Whether the patient has a history of regular or irregular menstrual cycles does not appear to be a contributing factor.
      • If cycles become regular, it is worth continuing for six months at this dose.
      • Growing intercrops also helps in regular cultivation, efficient weed, pest and disease management.
      • Apart from the regular individual sheep classes, the main highlights of the sheep section are the Hogget Championships and the group classes.
      • However, approximately 20 percent of active women don't experience regular menstrual periods.

    • 1.4(customary)

      the regular procedure el procedimiento usual / habitual
      • my regular dentist el dentista que (siempre) me atiende
      • in the regular course of events en circunstancias normales
      • The Geneva Code allows the shooting of spies, that's been a regular process for a long time.
      • ‘I just hope they can settle it and get on with the regular function of the school,’ he said.
      • The court expected appeal hearing to be a regular process and assigned three days.
      • We went through the regular processes you go through for something like this and emerged through the other side in late 2003.
      • This is especially obnoxious on a widescreen display, but there is even extra space on a regular television.
      • Why didn't you let it come through the regular process?
      • Educational needs are diverse, and not necessarily attuned to the patterns of regular schools or for those clever and strong enough to make it to maturity.
      • Her Majesty will open the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and break new ground by becoming the first public figure to address a regular sitting of the Scottish Parliament.
      • The speaker of the house is suggesting that he wants to see all of this move in regular order.
      • Shourie panicked, while the finance ministry tried to put up a brave face, saying it was just a regular correction.
      • This freedom from regular space constraints is perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the competition from an artist's point of view.
      • The top panel slides down onto the bottom so it takes up half the space a regular trellis would.
      • Potted roses aren't less work or responsibility; they simply take up less space than a regular rose garden.
      • They don't even have the hard drive space and memory that regular laptops have.
      • Special constables have the same powers as regular police constables.

  • 2

    (even, symmetrical)
    (outline/shape/polygon) regular
    (teeth) regular
    (teeth) parejo América Latina
    • His features were smoothly regular and extraordinarily placid, as if he surveyed the world from a lofty perch, far removed from any of its foibles and cares.
    • Cliff Hill is very close, has a trig point and a regular shape like an upturned saucer.
    • But the polygon is a regular polygon, and there's a chart for those in your book, here.
    • They seem to cover equal amounts of the canvas in a regular arrangement broken only by the thin orange lines.
    • The works were composed of very elongated parallelograms and regular trapezoids.
    • Vash and Yuri's dorm is shaped like a regular pentagon.
    • We were armed with a large supply of pine cones (chosen for their more regular shape than sticks), painted red for easy identification.
    • These three groups are the fundamental polyform families, being derived from the three regular polygons.
    • This ratio occurs several times in the theory of regular polygons and polyhedra.
    • Your dentist will use a series of small files to enlarge the canals and make them a regular shape so the root filling can be placed.
    • The regular arrangement of leaves on a stem and trichomes on leaves is generated by lateral inhibition
    • The placement and shape of the prairies are similar, though Webb's prairies are more regular in shape.
    • The cells are termed ‘smooth’ because they lack the regular bands or striations which are prominent in skeletal muscle fibres and cardiac muscle cells.
    • Barely a regular structure, road or building broke the contours of the mountainsides, whose ragged, stony slopes rose straight from the shore to a thousand feet.
    • At some sites, corn hills have been carefully arranged in rows, while at others they show no such regular arrangement.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (size/model) normal
      regular or large? ¿normal o grande?
      • regular grade gasoline gasolina normal
      • Also to have your pc online at the same time, simply buy and install a regular network card into your pc.
      • An area two or three times the size of a regular classroom has been made into an outdoor classroom at St Peter's Smithills Dean CE Primary School.
      • The average length of a regular stride is about 21, 25 feet, but the first three strides are very quick.
      • There would be a regular network and some secret networks.
      • For regular bar food prices, these are very reasonable.
      • By human standards it was about the size of a regular door.
      • Unlike regular people they didn't have weekends normally and classes would start tomorrow like they always did.
      • Take a diet soft drink instead of a regular soft drink, don't supersize those French fries, get the regular size.
      • If a regular person would have just used them for a little bit, he or she would have been unconscious for days or weeks, or they could have died.
      • It is three times more efficient as regular gasoline.
      • The regular size was huge, what they miss in quality they try to make up for in quantity.
      • At any time, incorporate single-discipline routines or individual moves into your regular exercise regimen.
      • With the rise of online play, newfangled regular size discs, and violence, Nintendo is having trouble keeping up.
      • Council employees will then visit householders in that area to advise them how to use their green bin and help them to ensure there is space inside their regular rubbish bin for the remainder of their waste.
      • Additionally, it may be best to separate storage traffic from regular network traffic.
      • We bought the exact same things: slice of pizza, a regular size fry, and a bottle of juice.
      • The pages seem bigger than they really are: intellectually, you know it's the size of a regular comic, but the artwork explodes beyond the confines of the page.
      • Being five inches in diameter, the doorknobs were more than twice the size of regular glass doorknobs of the same period and style.
      • Specials have the same powers as regular constables, and the role can provide useful experience for anyone thinking of a career in the police force.
      • Nonetheless, US consumers who buy hybrids will receive tax credits, regardless of whether their car has the same fuel efficiency as a regular car.
      • Their regular food is kebab roll, shwarma or biryani, as they are forever short of funds and settle for the cheaper, greasier fast food variety.
      • After her treatment was changed from buffered regular insulin to lispro insulin, her glucose concentration sometimes fluctuated unexpectedly.
      • Start by buying the slender regular sizes (they are the smallest and easiest to insert).
      • He pointed to a regular sized figure that had a katana.
      • The strike, which commenced in the first week of July, brought regular functions of almost all departments to a grinding halt.
      • Hardcoded types are to generic code what magic constants are to regular code.
      • For this project, our concerns about vendor compatibility between the embedded side and the Linux side pushed us to regular packet size.
      • With all the fat-free products on the market today, is it best for someone on a diet to eat these products, or is it best to eat regular foods in moderation?
      • Considering they fail to exceed the average size of regular apartments, prospective tenants may baulk at the use of the term penthouse.
      • Avoid ordering any size larger than a regular hamburger or small fries.
      • Instead, we decided to hang up the heavier long underwear like regular clothing and simply bundle our lighter underwear with a rubber band.

    • 3.2Lingüística

      (verb/plural) regular
      • If a regular pronoun and indicative mood are used, it shows that the speaker asserts that the report is true.
      • On the one hand, we can analyse the expression as a regular verb phrase, consisting of a transitive verb followed by its nominal direct object.
      • The error lies in assuming that the syntax is the domain of the fully regular and predictable.
      • All verbs are regular & have only one form for each tense or mood; they are not altered for person or number.
      • All new verbs in English are regular, as in glitz, glitzed, glitzed.

  • 4

    • 4.1informal

      he's a regular comedian es muy gracioso
      • a regular idiot un idiota redomado
      • to be a regular genius ser una verdadera lumbrera
      • The Blackmon place was a regular old time slave plantation.
      • The place was a regular wake.
      • The two on the side were regular rookies, they'll cower upon orders and fail to obey when it really counts.

    • 4.2US informal (straightforward)

      he's a regular guy es un tío majo España coloquial

  • 5

    (officer/soldier) de carrera
    the regular army el ejército profesional
    • In 2005 the Army wants 80,000 new soldiers for the regular Army and 22,000 more for the reserves.
    • The Company would also hire regular army units for duty in India.
    • This was a bit of a gamble, for the regular army combat troops did not possess the same high degree of natural talents as the Special Forces people.
    • Indigenous regular armies, although fighting in their own country and more numerous than foreign forces, were subordinate to them.
    • They get paid a lot better than the regular army, have better equipment, barracks and rations.
    • In July 1962, further efforts were made to transform the Kuwait irregular infantry into a regular force.
    • If you did that, you would be part of the regular Army.
    • The only way to make up the deficiency was to organize all men discharged from the regular Army into an enlisted reserve.
    • They were, essentially, already regular armies, but depended for manpower acquisition on mercenary recruitment.
    • Recruitment for the regular army has always been difficult.
    • Responded to such concerns, a national defence force of regular units, militias, and Volunteer units was constructed.
    • The combating of such terrorism entities takes well-equipped regular forces.
    • Many people are surprised to learn that the weapons and kit used by the SAS are largely the same as those available to regular British Army soldiers.
    • Many of these people are former regular professional military folks, both commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.
    • In September 1939 its regular component, the Permanent Force, totalled only 5,385 men.
    • Fighting an insurgency is unlike anything taught in regular military manuals.
    • Over the decades, especially since the 1980s, Special Forces techniques have been spreading to the regular army.
    • The stability mission remains one for combat-ready soldiers, but in the U.S. sector, not one to be performed by the regular Army.
    • Apart from some garrison artillery, the regular army comprised staff officers and instructional cadres for the volunteer militia.
    • United States intelligence estimates 350,000 soldiers in the regular army, poorly equipped with low morale.


  • 1

    cliente habitual femenino
    asiduo masculino
    asidua femenino
    he is now a team regular ahora es parte integrante del equipo
    • party regular militante del partido
    • she's a talk-show regular aparece mucho / con frecuencia en programas de entrevistas
    • They will be more than willing to give cards to any new promoters as well as the faithful regulars.
    • A PUB regular was found dead in his home after staff realised he had not visited their bar for a few days.
    • A PUB regular will be enjoying his first legal pint on Sunday despite being 72 years old.
    • Katie, a Spinning class regular on the bike next to mine, rolls her eyes to indicate the unusually packed studio.
    • He obviously doesn't do this for every customer, but regulars are asked to try a new item from time to time.
    • The home team were missing some regulars but they fought hard throughout and could have been ahead in the early exchanges.
    • Keller was a particularly obnoxious and disgusting regular on the station.
    • McCarthy's squad is mostly composed of players who are not regulars with their club's first team.
    • Any gym regular knows the symptoms: Dry, brittle, Flyaway hair that never Feels clean, even when you wash it daily.
    • I didn't know her personally, but the young woman I was looking at was another regular at this place.
    • In fact, according to the owner, most of the customers are regulars who come in more than once a week, and have been doing so since it opened eight years ago.
    • Because you deal with a lot of politics, a lot of politicians are regulars on your show.
    • But seriously, folks, these regulars just love the pub staff.
    • A regular at the pub, who asked not to be named, has been taken on as a temporary bouncer to stop them getting in.
    • He's a regular on the red carpet and known for his lavish parties and glamorous life style.
    • A regular at a Cleckheaton pub has been immortalised in oils and hung on the wall.
    • Himself and Mary settled well into the local life of Claremorris town and were regulars at the senior citizens parties over the years.
    • A regular at the pub, the dedicated family man toasted his nine decades with his usual - a pint of Guinness.
    • Management and staff extend appreciation to all customers, particularly regulars who gained not only health but wealth benefits.
    • I walked towards the booth noticing all of the regulars and new customers.
  • 2

    militar de carrera masculino
    • Instead, the primary US focus remained on killing guerrillas and North Vietnamese regulars.
    • All of them, including two of their wives, had been Army regulars and had fought in Angola, where they had run into Mrs. Jachimczek.
    • At the start of the Spanish civil war they were the only combat-tested regulars in a short-service conscript army.
    • There was a tremendous amount of soldiers there defending the armory, but they were inexperienced Guardsmen, not regulars.
    • The presence of North Vietnamese Army regulars intermingled with the Viet Cong was becoming more and more evident.
    • Under these circumstances, the British army would not consist exclusively of regulars.
    • Two days ago, these regulars and militias were almost hysterical with tension.
    • When he did so, on 3 July, he had 10,000 regulars under his command, and within a week he had recaptured the peninsula and taken 6,000 prisoners.
    • The final several months of the Pacific war saw American regulars and Filipino guerrillas steadily reducing the area controlled by the Japanese.
    • Should our army be based on regulars or militia?
    • Guards ignored the call or mustered in battalions more often seen to shield demonstrators from army regulars than to hold back the unruly.
    • The army that fought World War I was composed of regulars, National Guardsmen, and individual volunteers.
    • Later another telegram arrived to say my father was missing; he served as a regular with the Royal Marines.
    • This was more disturbing given that there are over two million regulars on the muster roles of NATO's continental armies.
    • The nation relied on volunteers to augment the regulars in the Continental Army, which demobilized rapidly after the war.
    • If the auxiliaries fought well, the regulars in the second and third ranks would move up to help in the fight.
    • We also have a lot of really nice U.S. Navy, Marines and Air Force members who are regulars.
    • Reservists have been extended beyond the terms of their contracts, regulars are meeting themselves coming and going, and the military cupboard is bare.
    • With archers and regulars in support, they should be able to stand against any infantry charge.
    • For six weeks there was no confrontation between the militia and regulars, but they did exchange proclamations.