Traducción de regurgitate en Español:


regurgitar, v.

Pronunciación /rɪˈɡəːdʒɪteɪt//rəˈɡərdʒəˌteɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (food) regurgitar
    • Patients may miss appointments, may not actually swallow the pills, or may deliberately regurgitate the medications.
    • I felt so out of it that James had to stop the car for me to catch a breath of fresh air before I regurgitated that morning's breakfast in the car.
    • Any moment now he was going to regurgitate breakfast.
    • If someone with this condition being fed by tube develops a problem, they may regurgitate and choke on their food.
    • Kelvin started spitting hysterically, and swallowing down large amounts of water before regurgitating the water back out again.
    • And it starts pecking and the mother then regurgitates half digested food into the gaping mouth of the chick, the chick swallows it and it's happy.
    • I really felt like I was going to regurgitate the biscuits I'd consumed at my brother's house.
    • However, in the two months prior to his clinic visit, he had nearly daily episodes of severe chest pain that was typically triggered by food intake and resolved only after regurgitating his food.
    • They then navigate back in the dark and head for their burrows before any predators catch them regurgitating the fish for their greedy chicks.
    • Feeding events were easily identified by characteristic sounds, including persistent begging calls and adult bill clapping, but especially the clearly identifiable sound of a parent regurgitating food to the chick.
    • The bee transports her precious contents to the hive, where she regurgitates it from the honey sac to a waiting house bee.
    • Stomach acid that is repeatedly regurgitated can damage the lining of the gullet.
    • He's living off regurgitated food from his mother at the moment.
    • Before six months of age chicks continue to stay around the nest as their parents bring back food and regurgitate it for them.
    • She frequently regurgitated undigested food, which alleviated the pressure and chest discomfort.
  • 2

    (facts/information) repetir mecánicamente
    (information/facts) repetir como un loro coloquial
    • Most simply regurgitate the same old reductive, formulaic information.
    • If it sounds like I'm writing a paper for film school, that's because I'm basically regurgitating one of my papers from film school.
    • There are a lot of people out there who will steer you in the wrong direction because they are just regurgitating old information that might have worked years ago.
    • Facts were received, processed, stored then regurgitated, pitched perfectly at the needs of essay and exam marker.
    • She reads that and studies it, and then believe it or not, regurgitates all of the symptoms in that book back to Hutchinson.
    • The 32-year-old Iraqi-American actress calls herself a ‘sponge’, listening, soaking up and regurgitating stories.
    • The research service regurgitated a report early last week which said that ethics law required all members of the commission to make public a list of any clients who'd paid them over $5,000 within the last two years.
    • All too often, journalists refer to official documents, such as the latest White Paper, regurgitating details but without any analysis of their validity in a rapidly changing strategic environment.
    • They want a populace that will absorb spin as fact and regurgitate it when ‘tested’ on election day.
    • I wish people would bother to learn some history instead of regurgitating propaganda.
    • Others stayed home to protest at the over-control of the campaign, the same men in grey suits regurgitating their party mantra like speaking clocks.
    • Mostly, they can regurgitate facts, theories - they can prepare for exams.
    • I hardly listen to radio in the morning, except to quickly digest the news, much of which is regurgitated from the previous night anyway.
    • Meanwhile, much of the public have turned their backs on the campaigns, apparently uninterested in politicians regurgitating programs not very different from those of the 1999 general elections.
    • It tried to gauge how well pupils were able to apply their knowledge in real life rather than simply regurgitate facts and figures.
    • The kids are encouraged to not just regurgitate information they find on the Internet, but instead process it and use it to help express their own ideas.
    • And there were always enough hacks about to swallow and regurgitate the disinformation they were fed daily.
    • They feel that to be successful they simply have to regurgitate the material during examinations.
    • Those children who prove best able to adapt to the system and the speed of it all are deemed ‘bright’ because they were able to focus on the narrow confines of subject matter and regurgitate it.