Traducción de rehabilitate en Español:


rehabilitar, v.

Pronunciación /riːhəˈbɪlɪteɪt//ˌri(h)əˈbɪləˌteɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (return to society)
    (ex-addicts/ex-prisoners) rehabilitar
    (ex-prisoners/ex-addicts) reinsertar en la sociedad
    (disabled person) rehabilitar
    • As many as 290 children were rehabilitated this year in institutions and families.
    • Steps should be taken to restore peace, rehabilitate the affected persons and to create confidence and sense of security among them.
    • The Government has not prepared a plan to rehabilitate these people and the money given to them is not enough to construct a good house with all facilities.
    • We're very strong on trying to rehabilitate people on drugs.
    • I would vote against any reinstatement of the death penalty without a second's hesitation and support plans to rehabilitate criminals.
    • The man declared he was rehabilitated and knew drugs were a ‘no-no ‘, he said.’
    • A new job scheme, backed by the Prince's Trust, providing rehabilitated former addicts with vital work experience, will be introduced later this year.
    • Though forced to work at a very early age, these children are rehabilitated in these centres and prepared for regular education so that after a year or two they can join the local schools.
    • Correct diagnosis is paramount to ensure that proper treatment is started so that athletes may be optimally rehabilitated and returned to sport in a timely fashion.
    • It was not intended to rehabilitate prisoners or to deter would-be criminals.
    • The exercise to rehabilitate the street kids should be embraced by everyone as Zambia stands to benefit greatly from the initiative.
    • Primary health care is a patient's first point of contact with the health-care system and includes promoting health, preventing disease, and treating and rehabilitating patients.
    • All the patients were rehabilitated according to a modern protocol, permitting immediate full weight bearing and full range of motion.
    • Not only does the project provide support and counselling to families but also helps to rehabilitate the prisoners themselves.
    • Successful transplantation greatly improves quality of life, and most patients are fully rehabilitated.
    • They are allowed to return to sports four months postoperatively if their knee is rehabilitated sufficiently.
    • He is on medications to maintain him so that hopefully over time, there is going to be the day he wakes up and they can start to rehabilitate him.
    • We are unable to manage his problems or rehabilitate him.
    • Since it was set up in 1988, the Spinal Injuries Centre has gained a national reputation for excellence in rehabilitating patients who have been seriously injured in traffic accidents.
    • Insurance companies pay for so little physical therapy anymore that few patients are fully rehabilitated by the time their insurance runs out.
  • 2

    (building) rehabilitar
    (building) renovar
    • I want to buy and rehabilitate vacant houses in Baltimore for resale.
    • The high commissioner also visited the district hospital where Zambia Sugar spent millions in renovating two wards and was also in the process of rehabilitating the labour ward.
    • The project to rehabilitate airports started in the year 2000.
    • The project aims to upgrade and rehabilitate all existing sewerage systems in the town, along with extending the sewerage system to environs of the town, which have been developed since the first stage of the development.
    • The military has even been called in to assist in environmental cleanup, promote wildlife conservation, rehabilitate public housing, rebuild bridges, and aid in other community projects.
    • Also those facilities that can be brought back to usable conditions if comprehensively rehabilitated should be accorded the necessary attention.
    • There would be major work in rehabilitating the river
    • There's 2,200 schools that have been rehabilitated; 120 hospitals up and running; 1,200 medical centers going.
    • In addition, both agencies have joined forces to rehabilitate a nearby pond as a future breeding site for the rare frog.
    • Several early twentieth-century buildings have been rehabilitated.
    • A large projecting vitrine frames a view back over the winery and the three existing buildings, now rehabilitated.
    • The bill also contains a pilot program that would rehabilitate nearly a million acres that have been destroyed by roadbuilding, logging, grazing, and mining.
    • The developer originally applied for tax credits for rehabilitating a historic building, but the credits came with a stipulation that the original plastered ceilings and walls be preserved.
    • As the number of children attending school increases, the charity is responding by building or rehabilitating additional schools.
    • Like we've got to get rid of our feral animals, we've got to get rid of our pest plants, and then let the land rehabilitate itself.
    • In just five years' time, he's whittled down the amount he owes on a $150,000 loan, taken out to rehabilitate his first building, to $58,000.
    • Three medical clinics have been rehabilitated and opened and five new clinics are scheduled to be built, according to the ministry.
    • Repairs include rehabilitating sanitary facilities.
  • 3

    (image/reputation) rehabilitar
    • In this way, portraits emerged as critical pieces of evidence in efforts to rehabilitate the reputation of French art of the fourteenth century.
    • More recently the Victorian tycoon's reputation has been rehabilitated.
    • The current government of St Lucia, however, is working hard to rehabilitate the school's reputation.
    • Reputations are rehabilitated or discredited.
    • It's taken you years to rehabilitate your reputation and you finally seemed to have mended bridges with the Royal Family.
    • Some people might be asking is this an attempt for you to try to rehabilitate your reputation?
    • Dealers did not, however, completely rehabilitate their images.