Traducción de reign en Español:


reinado, n.

Pronunciación /reɪn//reɪn/


  • 1

    reinado masculino
    during the reign of King John durante / bajo el reinado del rey Juan
    • his reign as world champion is over su reinado / hegemonía como campeón del mundo ha concluido
    • the Reign of Terror el Terror

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (monarch) reinar
    to reign over sb/sth reinar sobre algn/algo
    • His life is incredible, and he continues to reign supreme and makes a little money, too.
    • Democracy has been conveniently thrown out the door and in its wake imperialist and dictatorial rule reign supreme.
    • The underdogs reigned supreme as stars succumbed to fatigue
    • But whether you're a ship enthusiast, royal watcher or both, the legacy of the royal ships will always reign at sea.
    • We in this country now live in a society where money and convenience reign supreme.
    • Another major difference is that the British monarchy still reigns in many countries of the former British Empire.
    • Despite possessing many of the qualities needed to govern, the king had reigned but never ruled.
    • Captains used to reign supreme; questioning their judgment handicapped career advancement.
    • Browns and copper colors reign supreme, and the image radiates warmth.
    • I would argue that while profits remain the centerpiece of Capitalistic processes, financial and speculative profits today reign supreme.
    • Now Lutz, who will reign supreme over every aspect of vehicle operations from the design studio to the factory floor, wants to change all that.
    • The East Side is one of those places where the New York elite reign supreme.
    • While children reign supreme for advertisers, in the world of books, it is the parents who have the final word, according to publishers.
    • Of course, vanilla will always reign supreme when it comes to ice cream.
    • At home, he would find a welcoming and loving reception from his wife and children at the end of a hard day and there, regardless of his standing in the outside world, he would reign supreme.
    • From that date on, government would play a far smaller role in the economy, and markets would reign supreme.
    • And we pay these modern-day monarchs to reign over and rule us.
    • The monarch reigns, but does not rule the nation per se, acting only with the approval of Parliament.
    • General clutter seems to reign supreme, culminating in a teetering mountain of disgustingly neglected pots and pans.
    • You could call it an all-children show, where children reign supreme.
  • 2literario

    (chaos/peace) reinar
    the Bears reigned supreme in the 80s los Bears eran invencibles / no tenían rival en la década de los 80
    • the tendency that reigned supreme in the 19ᵗʰ century la tendencia imperante / que imperaba en el siglo XIX
    • Chaos reigned for a few minutes before Jonathan could settle them down.
    • There are certain art historical opinions that might as well be established fact: reigning opinions about Goya, for example.
    • Silence reigns over the hall until Peter can't take it any more.
    • Chaos reigns as paramedics attempt to evacuate the wounded, and security officials try to clear the area, fearing more bomb attacks.
    • Perhaps the best course is for each of us to work toward positive change in the world and hope that peace will reign.
    • As it happened, peace reigned for much of 1802, but the on-off war with France resumed in May 1803.
    • All around him, chaos and disorder reigned.
    • At the airfield, chaos reigned as rescue crews equipped with fire extinguishers doused the flames emanating from the downed fighter.
    • The party's lack of emphasis on defense didn't matter much when peace and prosperity reigned.
    • Chaos reigned as officials and reporters haplessly endeavoured to stay calm through the calamity and make some sense of the senseless.
    • But chaos reigns after the arrival of Japanese occupying forces.
    • After a year of smiling while chaos reigned behind her and the journalists screamed for more coffee, Caitlin has been inspired to head off to university to study communication.
    • Finding the best art anywhere - even in New York - requires free-wheeling open-mindedness, unburdened by reigning ideas and trends.
    • Meanwhile, anarchy reigns in the countryside as bandits, vowing to help the poor, raid and slaughter government convoys.
    • Chaos reigned in the main entranceway as police officers swarmed into the building.
    • Quality reigns when it comes to choosing an adequate outsource partner, but the significance of inventory management capabilities is increasing.
    • Silence reigns over the public library, and this corner in particular.
    • Traffic chaos will reign throughout Kerry because of a failure to consider longterm implications of housing developments, it has been claimed.
    • Staying unruffled while chaos reigns all around you is the hallmark of corporate leadership.
    • Chaos reigned throughout the cabins as the plane slowly leaked air.
  • 3reigning present participle

    (monarch) reinante
    she is the reigning champion es la campeona actual
    • he was then the reigning champion en ese momento era el campeón