Traducción de rein en Español:


rienda, n.

Pronunciación /reɪn//reɪn/


  • 1

    rienda femenino
    to hold/take the reins llevar/tomar las riendas
    • Jamie took the reins and the horses began to canter quickly down the road.
    • Her mare strained against the current but did not falter in her strength and all Sadie could do was hold tightly to the reins and trust the horse to make it across.
    • He walked over to Samantha's horse, grabbed the reins, and walked several yards away from the group, where they could not hear him.
    • Then, with a shake of the reins, the horse galloped ahead and disappeared into the mist.
    • Spotting them, she quickly grabbed the reins and led the horses back at a trot.
    • They walked in and greeted the stable boy as he handed them both the reins to their horses.
    • She soon took the reins again and guided the horse back to the stables.
    • Nora tightly clutched the horse's reins as she galloped along the countryside.
    • When they had gotten the horses all bridled and ready, Gina took the reins and led her horse over to the mounting block.
    • He reached around me, grasping the horse's reins, and spurred the creature into a gallop.
    • Once out of town he flicked the reins and sent the horses into a gallop.
    • I concentrated on staring at my horse's reins, which were gripped so tightly in my hands that my knuckles turned white.
    • Sighing he too climbed up on the carriage and pulled on the reins driving the horses back to the mansion.
    • Cali took Chloe's reins and guided her back to the trailer.
    • The old man handed the already saddled brown horse's reins to him.
    • Sir Evelyn's squire bowed, holding out the reins to the horse.
    • Joe dismounted beside him and reached for the reins of Ben's horse.
    • Handing the reins of his horse over to one of the stable boys, Conner started walking up the stairs to the large doors.
    • I accidentally tugged on the reins and the horse went even faster.
    • Ben stepped down and threw the reins of his horse over the rail.
  • 2reins plural

    (for children)
    arnés masculino
    andaderas femenino
    andadores masculino
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