Traducción de reintroduce en Español:


volver a presentar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌriɪntrəˈd(j)us//ˌriːɪntrəˈdjuːs/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (bill/proposal) volver a presentar
    (animal/plant) reintroducir
    the theme is reintroduced in the second movement el tema se retoma en el segundo movimiento
    • More recently governments have reintroduced regulation into the drugs market, partly in an attempt to restrain rises in expenditure, and partly in response to joining the European Union.
    • Barring a dramatic change, it looked as if the British Government would have no option but to suspend the institutions and reintroduce direct rule from London.
    • Along with protecting animals, Shenandoah officials reintroduced several species to the park.
    • And secondly, we would like to reintroduce the jury system in which of course, like your system, lay people would decide a case.
    • After careful study and assessment, plants are reintroduced into the forests.
    • It, for example, reintroduced a system of punishment specifically forbidden by the Imperial Abolition Act: the flogging of women.
    • Since its listing in 1967, the Gila topminnow has been reintroduced into more habitat than any other native fish species in the Southwest.
    • The government would have to reintroduce a law to hand out fines - not criminal sentences - to people caught with 15 grams of pot or less.
    • This is the animal that's been reintroduced into Yellowstone, as well as a lot of other places.
    • We will reintroduce that panel, bring the governor in with it, and talk politics.
    • It may be too late to reintroduce same-sex schools into the secondary school system throughout the region.
    • This transitional phase paved the way for the Gothic system of scripts in which a form/function hierarchy was reintroduced.
    • Prime Minister Jean Chretien will have a very brief window of opportunity to reintroduce legislation in September.
    • One of the most persuasive arguments against reintroducing the classical gold standard is the fact that we are now no longer on it.
    • The listing spurred efforts to protect and restore habitat and to breed and reintroduce the species.
    • In 1999, we outplanted more than 2,500 silverswords on Mauna Kea, bringing the total reintroduced population to about 4,000.
    • With Mark's efforts to reintroduce this species to our area, satellite telemetry would definitely benefit this project by making it easier to monitor barn owls in a wider range.
    • Instead, the Act reintroduces the equitable rule of shareholder approval.
    • Even as large numbers were reintroduced to former habitats, it was not easy to prove that they were surviving and reproducing, the true measure of the project's success.
    • The loss of two Great Bustards to fox attack has not unduly concerned the band of conservationists who are trying to reintroduce the species to Salisbury Plain.
    • I deplore the situation where we are pitted against each other for low fees, but reintroducing the fee scale is not an option.
    • An Emergency Powers Act of 1920 confirmed the government's power to issue regulations in times of emergency and in 1939 many such regulations were reintroduced.
    • He told highway engineers to reintroduce road side parking again which had the effect of slowing down traffic.
    • The display explains how a scheme to reintroduce the species in the 1970s failed and how a new attempt is being made this summer.
    • Once the Japanese threat receded, the old laws were reintroduced.
    • Apparently in thrall to the resignation deadline set by David Trimble, the British government moved towards reintroducing direct rule.
    • Once this happens, the wetland would also be restored - the soil has been compacted due to lack of water and heavy grazing - and the original swamp species could be reintroduced.
    • However, with the election of a Liberal government that same night, the possibility that Pupatello might reintroduce the legislation, this time as a government bill, seems high.
    • Clarke will reintroduce legislation this afternoon.
    • Not until Napoleonic times did the State take the situation in hand and reintroduce a rigorous system of licensing to restore professional standards.
  • 2

    (regulation/concession) reintroducir
    (concession/regulation) restablecer
  • 3

    to reintroduce sb to sth volver a familiarizar a algn con algo