Traducción de reinvent en Español:


reinventar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌriɪnˈvɛnt//riːɪnˈvɛnt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to reinvent oneself reinventarse a sí mismo
    • Constantly changing, radically reinventing himself, Wittman is forever in a state of flux.
    • It is said - our correspondents said, other people say it - that Las Vegas is a city of transformation, a city that reinvents itself.
    • He escapes, reinvents himself as a count and starts to exact cold, calculated revenge.
    • Pran is somebody who reinvents himself according to context.
    • But one of the most remarkable things about Dylan is the way he reinvents himself.
    • I've maintained all along, the monarchy will continue because it readjusts, and reinvents itself.
    • He has now reinvented himself as a radical stand-up with just enough charm and stagecraft to get away with an amazingly low ratio of jokes to running time.
    • It constantly reinvents itself, remaining classic but fresh.
    • But, like Turner, she continually reinvents herself.
    • As she reinvents herself as a writer, she tells of how she nearly sacrificed her family life for a few laughs
    • But the New Economy is about constantly reinventing yourself and being creative and moving to where you can charge your customer a premium.
    • After being a total geek in school, he's expelled and reinvents himself with the help of an inmate.
    • As true as that is for America in general, it is even truer by an order of magnitude for New York City which reinvents itself every generation.
    • New York is a city that endlessly reinvents itself and, in the process of doing so, provides almost limitless opportunities for missed dreams to be dreamt again and to be realized.
    • He's excited to be at the event, and really ready to hear so many people talk positively about reinventing yourself.
    • He has learnt that the secret is to keep reinventing yourself.
    • Figo, nominally a right-sided midfielder, reinvents himself as a striker, ballwinner or even full-back…
    • She works in the fruit and vegetable section of a supermarket and by this bizarre event completely reinvents herself.
    • Since mass education has constantly and often radically reinvented itself, there is great formal disparity and discontinuity across different eras, with many older buildings still in use.
    • He reinvents himself after committing horrific atrocities and seems to constantly try to keep the past at bay.