Traducción de reject en Español:


rechazar, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈdʒɛkt//rɪˈdʒɛkt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (candidate/application/offer/suggestion) rechazar
    (suggestion/candidate/application/offer) no aceptar
    the machine rejects damaged coins la máquina no acepta las monedas en mal estado
    • the appeal was rejected el recurso de apelación fue denegado / rechazado / desestimado
    • to feel rejected sentirse rechazado
    • His attitude varied from rejecting such attempts as inadequate to according them the status of ‘fictions’.
    • However, the union has rejected this because it believes it is worth nothing at present.
    • The wine must pass an analytical test and is blind tasted by a panel which may reject wines judged faulty or atypical, and often does.
    • Should the union accept or reject the Communist party's leading role in government?
    • He was part of a Saskatchewan delegation that visited several European capitals last October to get the European Union to reject the ban.
    • Not only was there therefore no unfair dismissal but, since there was no dismissal, the claim for wrongful dismissal was also rejected.
    • Fourth, typing is more distancing than talking: it is easier to dismiss or reject a respondent textually than verbally.
    • In total, slightly more than 75 percent of union members voted to reject the contract.
    • An immediate, but quickly rejected option is to drop the selling price by 10 percent.
    • The tribunal rejected the unfair dismissal claim, saying the email comment was not fitting to someone in his position as a manager.
    • 54.87 per cent of French voters reject the European Union's new constitution.
    • The Palestinians have rejected the release as inadequate and want thousands freed.
    • Well there was a claim similar to that made in Israel that was rejected and dismissed by a court about six months ago.
    • Kelly, the US officials said, rejected the threat as unacceptable as a means to resolve the nuclear crisis.
    • However, pressure to provide a drug rehabilitation programme as an alternative to dismissal was rejected.
    • The judge had found that all reasonable doctors would have avoided the danger and that any other approach was unacceptable, rejecting the contrary opinion of some of the experts.
    • This was overwhelming rejected by union members who stated they were holding out for a four per cent increase.
    • However, the unions rejected the claim that the proposed redundancy payment increases would lead to more job losses.
    • Local unions rejected the proposal which could have undermined their position in the entire plant.
    • Judge Maddocks rejected that contention and dismissed the appellant's appeal.
  • 2

    (turn against)
    • They realised that being evil is no matter because people will always reject you.
    • Well, you've been exploring the relationship between rejection and aggression in the lab, now first of all you actually have to somehow reject people in an experimental setting.
    • He returns to his daughter much later in her life, and she initially rejects him.
    • ‘I say to you, you cannot bring your same-sex partner to the prom, we are not rejecting you as a person,’ Martin said.
    • She hated her sister's vanity and secretly hoped Lucas would reject her.
    • This might eventually cause others to reject the depressed person and to avoid future interactions.
    • Sharon herself made the observation that she shouldn't be rejecting people because of their appearance given her hair in its current condition.
    • Her parents had been brought in from outside and after Saraswati was born her mother rejected her.
    • She rejects him after he cannot get into the army, but when she is kidnapped along with his train, he single-handedly attempts to get the train back.
    • But she rejected him and married a decrepit alcoholic, years older than herself.
    • You're probably thinking, if I don't want people to like me I shouldn't wear stuff like this, but let's just say I like rejecting people.
    • God will never reject me but people may.
    • Michael had the tainted innocence of an outcast, but I knew he was better than the very people who would reject him.
    • In several studies, women emphasized wanting to satisfy a partner's needs, promote intimacy, avoid tension in a relationship, and avoid rejecting a partner.
    • Would people reject me just because I'm too pale, my nose is too long, and my hair too light?
    • The people will worship him; they will also reject him.
    • She was rejected and abandoned by her own family, and she was desperate.
    • Her rejecting him only made his desire to gain her affection that much stronger.
    • Sometimes, says Mr. Vijayraj, young women are rejected because they are disabled.
    • In doing so we cut ourselves off from every aspect of our life - from other people who will reject us, from our wicked past, our hopeless future and from nature itself.
  • 3

    (tissue/organ) rechazar
    • In many instances, bodies reject transplant organs because their immune systems see them as foreign tissue.
    • The results also show that female heart transplant patients were more likely than men to reject the organ.
    • Immunosuppressants interfere with the body's immune system - making it less capable of rejecting the transplanted kidney.
    • You'll need to follow a lifelong regimen of drug therapy after an organ transplant to prevent your body from rejecting the new organ.
    • A mix of immunosuppressive therapies is typically used to prevent a recipient's body from rejecting a transplanted organ.


  • 1

    (flawed product)
    artículo defectuoso masculino
    producto defectuoso masculino
    before noun reject shop tienda de artículos defectuosos femenino
    • This plutonium is a reject load being returned to British Nuclear Fuels by Japan.
    • We sat back on the bright orange reject couch and admired our handiwork.
    • The first condoms sold to the South African government in the early 1990s for free distribution were rejects from the European market and regularly split.
    • Chelsea barely glanced at the next shirt before deciding that it wasn't right and tossing it in the reject pile.
    • Other buzzing entrepreneurs would zoom up and buy your rejects to peddle at flea markets.
    • To the consumer this means the product is a reject in Brazil and is not fit for human consumption.
    • We were forced to woo younger guys or scavenge in the reject bin of the older group.
    • She's a short, rather chubby woman who always dressed the same, in those long dresses and skirts that looked like she plucked them out of a reject bin.
    • So, when more than one chemist went over the same list of 2000 compounds, how similar were their reject lists?
    • There is flood of company rejects too in the market which are available at unbelievable prices.
    • After emptying your dresser drawers, haul your rejects off for charity.
    • This is the land of export rejects and clothes come in lots from manufacturing units.
  • 2

    a reject of society un marginado social / de la sociedad