Traducción de rejoice en Español:


alegrarse mucho, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈdʒɔɪs//rɪˈdʒɔɪs/

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    alegrarse mucho
    regocijarse literario
    she rejoiced at the news se alegró mucho con la noticia
    • to rejoice to + inf
    • we rejoiced to see her alive nos alegramos inmensamente de verla con vida
    • to rejoice that (+ subj) alegrarse de que
    • I cannot tell you the joy of reunion, for no words would suffice to delve into such deep delight, such ecstatic rejoicing!
    • Every spring there comes a moment when you hear the joyous song of a bird and you rejoice with it that spring has arrived.
    • While rejoicing at the ending of World War II, Baptist women already looked to the challenge of the future.
    • Others e-mailed from home, rejoicing in the delights I was experiencing.
    • He quickly set her down as soon as she was done rejoicing at his presence.
    • There was rejoicing at the Academy and every tenant in the valley cheered his health.
    • Those Victorians who rejoiced in statistics could relish the expansion of the system.
    • Can he really believe that this depiction of extreme violence, with Roman torturers rejoicing at what they do, will somehow make the world a better place?
    • The father, however, rejoiced, for it had cut him to the heart to leave them behind alone.
    • MARRIAGES ARE always occasions for rejoicing.
    • The client is an extremely rich businessman with a ‘Russian’ accent rejoicing in the name of PG Wodehouse.
    • At the latter, another Scottish desk sergeant told me the head of the Scottish Flying Squad, who rejoiced in the name of Fletcher Catchpole, was celebrating his ‘collar’ in the next-door pub.
    • He would prefer to die than hear the jeers of people rejoicing at his downfall.
    • Your father and mother, and your brother, they will rejoice to hear that you live.
    • Can I ask, on another matter: Dr Lee's essay is quite interesting, but it refers to a case which rejoices in the name of the Chicken Catchers' Case…
    • Hitler was dead and the world was rejoicing at the end of six years of conflict.
    • Yes, she grew up in Kikbirnie, heartland of the Ayrshire steelworks, where her school chums rejoiced in names like Lenin McKay and Joseph Stalin McGregor.
    • What would be the point of Blackburn fans rejoicing in the victory over the ‘old enemy’ if many can't be bothered to cheer the side on to a potential semi-final clash at the Millennium Stadium?
    • And far from rejoicing in the increased life expectancy of people his age, he seemed to take comfort from the thought that he had not ‘far to go’.
    • The cool-water assemblage was dominated by another species, which rejoiced in the glorious name Neogloboquadrina pachyderma.
    • Private carriers for a York parcel delivery company were today rejoicing at the news that they are to be paid at last.
    • This meant genuine sympathy when things went wrong and rejoicing at one another's achievements.
    • Being booked for rejoicing in a goal is sheer folly in itself.
    • Not everyone was rejoicing at Thompson's appointment, however.
    • We all laugh now, rejoicing at my inability to remain mute.
    • Blunsdon may be rejoicing at the recent decision to build a bypass for the village but compulsory purchase orders for the land required could threaten a number of businesses.
    • This is an occasion for all of us to meet and rejoice.
    • They enjoyed a perfect dinner later that night, laughing and rejoicing at the sight of her home.
    • He knew, with a certainty, that his father would have been rejoicing.
    • Liam Griffin amused and captivated his political audience in a venue still rejoicing at Kilkenny's hurling victory.

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