Traducción de rekindle en Español:


reavivar, v.

Pronunciación /riːˈkɪnd(ə)l//ˌriˈkɪnd(ə)l/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (fire/flame) reavivar
    • Ralph urges them to move on for the sake of rekindling the signal fire on the mountain.
    • Finally he remembers his purpose, as if emerging from a trance, and urges them to rekindle the signal fire, after all of their talk of pig rituals and dancing.
    • The fire had rekindled and overrun the restored fuel.
    • He rekindled the fire in the stove and set pans and pots to boiling.
    • I sighed, wished for an electric heater, then set down to the task of rekindling the fire.
    • I rekindled the fire to prepare for the morning breakfast.
    • The islanders then held an all-night vigil on the island as they feared that the fire might rekindle.
    • As Zerin rekindled the fire, the sun came up, covering the cold earth with its rays.
    • He yawned and stretched before rekindling his campfire.
    • She left to find food, which meant that Zeke and I had to rekindle the fire.
    • Just as accepting gifts from strangers or bringing home found objects were regarded as dangerous, so too was lending, especially money or embers from the stove to rekindle a fire.
    • He stacked the wood and rekindled the dying fire.
    • I was inclined to rekindle the fire, and once I had it going I sat cross-legged before it, gazing at Carter through the orange and yellow flames.
    • The parcel goes in, the smouldering logs are raked back over it, and the fire is rekindled with fresh wood.
    • I sat up and Drake was already up rekindling the fire.
    • In the afternoon, when the sun relented, the men returned to the fields and she went back to the big kitchen, rekindled the log fire and prepared the evening meal.
    • Lemon rekindled the fire and they dried off quickly.
    • While she was gone, Dexter rekindled the fire using the wood stacked in a pile under the edge of canvas that covered the small area where they had slept.
    • When rekindling a fire from coals, placing a split log on the bed of coals produces a more successful transition from smoldering into flame than using an unsplit log (one having no obvious edges).
    • The fear rose as the flames were rekindled and leapt higher… and the impulse to fight took over when Mhyra reached for Tovon.
  • 2literario

    (desire/interest) reavivar
    (interest/desire) volver a despertar
    (hope) hacer renacer
    • There's nothing like September to put a spring in our step and turn our thoughts to maybe taking up a new hobby or rekindling an old interest.
    • This however, was a performance that rekindled memories of all the bad old days.
    • In her endeavors to rekindle a long dead flame, she now used Nikolas to stroke his sentimentality.
    • He never eschewed an opportunity to rekindle the embers and fan the flames of friendship.
    • Fire filled their hearts as their love was rekindled.
    • Six years later safety fears were rekindled when another fire broke out in the storage and garage area.
    • I am going to come and try to rekindle some lost friendships.
    • He is trying to rekindle his lost youth by reliving it through the children he surrounds himself with.
    • This will be a unique opportunity to return to school and there will be lots of time to meet old friends and rekindle memories.
    • The couple, both in their early 60s, began a relationship nine months ago after rekindling an old romance.
    • With just a few improvements in your training and nutrition habits, you can rekindle that fat-burning fire.
    • Perhaps in that way, we shall rekindle our lost friendship.
    • Not only that, it restores and rekindles any lost faith in the future of homegrown talent.
    • If you want to rekindle an old flame, you'll need to first discuss what went wrong the last time.
    • Now, Sarah rekindles her memories by listening to their favourite song together.
    • The death of Prince Rainier of Monaco last week rekindled memories of his and Princess Grace's visit to her ancestral home outside Newport in the 1960's.
    • Ann Killoran was one of those old friends that the team dropped in on to rekindle memories.
    • Every time you use them they rekindle a memory.
    • I'm not sure if it rekindled the flame but I know that if was meant to be, then it will happen between us.
    • Everybody has a favourite album cover - one that catches the eye and rekindles fond memories in an instant.