Traducción de relativity en Español:


relatividad, n.

Pronunciación /ˌrɛləˈtɪvədi//rɛləˈtɪvɪti/


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    relatividad femenino
    the theory of relativity la teoría de la relatividad
    • General relativity explains the behaviour of gravity and its effect on both matter and energy.
    • Penrose introduced the scope of modern physics and followed with a description of possible models of the universe based on criteria from the theory of relativity, including the effect of singularities.
    • In 1922, the Russian physicist Alexander Friedmann predicted from general relativity that the universe should be expanding.
    • According to general relativity, gravitational differences affect time by dilating it.
    • Because there are things in the universe that exist or did exist that are very heavy, thus general relativity applies, but these things are also very compact and small, so quantum mechanics applies.