Traducción de release en español:


poner en libertad, v.

Pronunciación: /rɪˈliːs//rəˈlis/

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1

      (hostage/captive/prisoner) poner en libertad
      (captive/hostage/prisoner) soltar
      (prisoner/hostage/captive) liberar
      he was released on bail fue puesto en libertad bajo fianza
      • the animals will be released back into the wild los animales serán devueltos a la naturaleza
      • to release sb from sth
      • she was released from jail salió de la cárcel
      • she released him from his promise lo eximió de cumplir con su promesa
      • they released him from the contract le condonaron las obligaciones emanadas del contrato
      • He releases himself and falls free of the burning aircraft.
      • I have read the submissions that have been filed on your behalf and I have taken them into account, but, in my view, there is nothing that can be done that would allow you to be released.
      • In January 1972, Mujib was released from confinement and became the prime minister of Bangladesh.
      • But questions remain about whether the big cat escaped or was somehow released.
      • Prisoners should not be released until they are ready for life outside.
      • No mention, for instance, of the people of Ireland having voted overwhelmingly for the agreement, which stated categorically that prisoners would be released.
      • Twelve of the inmates, however, were already free after being released earlier this year.
      • Sylvia's mother decides to prove that Tom's sister cannot be released from confinement in a mental hospital.
      • The two men were questioned by police in Rome, before being released and allowed to go on to travel to London.
      • When it comes time for these dangerous offenders to be released, civil confinement thus becomes an appealing option.
      • If they fail to reach an agreement in that time period, the prisoners should be released.
      • The main characters in the movie are a group of young women who had either escaped from prison or had been released on bail.
      • A number of political prisoners have been released since the late 1980s.
      • On August 10, 1974, he was expecting to be given the news that he was to be released from solitary confinement.
      • Trinculo felt like a prisoner about to be released after serving a full life sentence.
      • Human slaves, no matter what, have the potential to take part in this and the broader social contract, thus they should be released from slavery and allowed to do so.
      • He released the remaining political prisoners and restored democratic rule.
      • Many had been living in orphanages before the war, but had been released or managed to escape during the fighting in Baghdad.
      • Something felt like it had been released, set free, if only for a moment; he offered a hand and I took it, so he helped me up.
      • Some were released prisoners themselves; some were draft-dodgers; many were clerks and petty bureaucrats, and all were looking for trouble.

    • 1.2(unleash)

      the ban released a flood of protest la prohibición desató una oleada de protestas
      • All it takes to get this car moving like a breeze is to release the hand brake, turn the knob on the dashboard to forward mode and press the accelerator.
      • But when you think of it, it allows you to start the engine, get into gear and release the brake with one hand.
      • Combat offload is performed on the ground by releasing the aircraft brakes from a stationary position and a high-power rating set.
      • All the bombs with the sensing switch extenders released and functioned as advertised.
      • As one the three hanging soldiers hit the deck and released their harness while moving into a forward roll, and as one the tree shadows moved into positions on the guards patrol routes.
      • Not daring to start the engine, he released the brake and pushed the bike back to the supermarket where Emma and Michael waited anxiously for him.
      • To allow the trailer to roll back away from the damaged concrete as it was being lifted, the trailer's brakes had to be released manually at the same time.
      • The joint is small and cylindrical, and only a high-strength joining method will ensure that the cannula will not move or release from the hub during use.
      • As the parachute shot out from the top of the spacecraft, the aerobrake was released to fall freely to the surface of Mars.
      • Slowly and carefully, she lifted it upwards, releasing the wheels from their track, and tugging the drawer free.
      • To smell burning rubber while driving a car is a sign that you forgot to release the hand brake.
      • Then, barely a minute from starting my engine, I release my brakes and taxi out to the runway.
      • His hands immediately both found the steering wheel as he released the brake and pressed onto the gas.
      • He shifted the lever into neutral and released the hand brake, then cranked the steering wheel as far to the right as he could.

    • 1.3

      (funds/player/personnel) ceder
      he was released from his normal duties lo dispensaron de sus tareas habituales
      • The Americans took over from two French divisions, releasing them to move to a more active section.
      • In the depths of misery, Aladdin polishes a dirty, battered lamp which is lying on the cave floor and releases the Genie of the Lamp, who sets him free from the cave and promises to grant his every wish.
      • Your blood donation is then released for issue to hospitals once all the tests have come back and are declared negative.
      • After eight months, I was released from all physical restrictions, such as engaging in contact sports.
      • The lease had come to an end, and both parties were released from their obligations under it.
      • This was not a case where the husband had transferred the house to the wife in consideration of her releasing him from all obligations arising out of the marriage.
      • They're specifically aimed at older people who are property rich but cash poor, ie: those who have a lot of equity wrapped up in their homes but don't want to move in order to release it.
      • The Kilkenny out-half managed to skip out of defence and release his backline who moved the ball quickly up field.
      • He plans to work in food service when he's released.
      • It confirmed the existing boundary and released the Free State from the significant financial liabilities it had incurred under the Treaty.
      • So will New Delhi's latest move release an invigorating flood of foreign money?
      • However, a spokesman for Garda management said the move would release an extra man for policing duties in the area.
      • You are released from restrictions and limitations, as old fears do not trouble you any more.
      • But that does not release me, in the future, from the moral obligation of telling the truth.
      • You are released from tensions and restrictions when you make important decisions.
      • You should also be aware that some lease contracts include a buy-out clause to release you from your obligations to the management company at the end of the agreed lease period.
      • If he declines, you may ask and publish his reasons, but they cannot release you of your obligation to correct your error in publishing his misleading words.
      • Beirne decided he had no choice but to temporarily close shop and let his employees go until the Army released him from service.
      • He joined Everton on a free transfer last week, having been released from United during the summer.
      • The two ships then released all of their escape pods, effectively hiding the one with Brimstone and his second in command.

  • 2

    (figures/information/statement/report) hacer público
    (figures/report/information/statement) dar a conocer
    (book/record) sacar (a la venta)
    (movie) estrenar
  • 3

    (emit, disseminate)
    (gas) despedir
    plants release oxygen through their leaves las plantas liberan / desprenden oxígeno a través de las hojas
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    • 4.1(let go)

      (bomb) arrojar
      he released his grip on her la soltó
      • It's really a joystick that jumps back to the home position when you release it.
      • When the key falls back as the finger releases it, the hammer returns to its initial position, ready to strike again.
      • The quick disconnect brake line on the trailer was then released, relieving the pressure on the drum.
      • It is released in response to pressure/volume overload resulting in increased wall tension.
      • Catherine's hand struggled desperately to move, trying to release the increasing pressure on her throat.
      • The scene appears at this position after you release the mouse button.
      • Reverse the motion to release the weight and return to the start.

    • 4.2

      (brake/clutch) soltar
      to release the shutter disparar

  • 5

    (right/title) ceder


  • 1

    (from prison, captivity)
    puesta en libertad femenino
    liberación femenino
    he negotiated his release from the contract gestionó que se le condonaran las obligaciones emanadas del contrato
    • his death was a merciful release su muerte fue una bendición
  • 2

    (of funds, personnel)
    cesión femenino
  • 3

    (of claim, right)
    cesión femenino
  • 4

    (of book) publicación femenino
    (of record) puesta en venta femenino
    (of movie) estreno masculino
    in / on general release en todos los cines
  • 5

    (record, movie)
    new releases (feminine plural) (records) novedades discográficas
  • 6

    (of gas)
    escape masculino
  • 7

    the release of the brakes la acción de soltar el freno
    • the release of the clutch el desembrague
  • 8

    disparador masculino