Traducción de relegate en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈrɛləˌɡeɪt//ˈrɛlɪɡeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (consign, demote)
    to relegate sth/sb to sth relegar algo/a algn a algo
    • In the United States, he is relegated to subordinate positions and rendered passive by white society.
    • Most of them were relegated to rear echelon positions or they were stewards on the boats or on the ships.
    • Many of them complain about the second-class role they were relegated to.
    • They have already been relegated from division one of the league only winning one of their thirteen games.
    • Indeed, most of the program-related discussion is relegated to a couple of chapters buried deep in the middle of the book.
    • The purpose of mutual assistance in time of illness or death was often relegated to a second position, after moral improvement.
    • Though relegated in the league they will still be competing in the senior championship in 2005.
    • As the present academic system is totally different, the importance of good handwriting has been relegated to the background.
    • And that is not to say that the poll will result in the childcare issue being relegated to the footnotes of party manifestos.
    • A win in this match by either club will go a long way towards guaranteeing a place in the Premier Division next season as only one team will be relegated.
    • Those who did not tell the president what he wanted to hear were relegated to positions of little influence.
    • I'm so pleased that he has been relegated to another set of duties.
    • Inferior premier league football clubs get relegated and replaced by new contenders every season.
    • As a result, even a three-year-old boy becomes the legal chief of the family and his mother is relegated to an inferior social status.
    • Under such a setup, religion is relegated to the realm of the private, and in the public domain it is merely an agent for the delivery of social welfare.
    • Curries were relegated to just breakfast and lunches at home.
    • I also saw that men were relegated to supporting the status quo even at their own expense if they choose to accept it.
    • The music, his real career, was relegated to after-hours and vacations.
    • The supernatural is relegated to the rank of mild amusement.
    • Not that they can't make quilts, but it has been relegated to a craft and an inferior position for so long.
    • The new blueprint would also relegate two teams from Division 1.
    • It's as if our ability to find excitement in the world around us has been relegated to only those activities that charge for admission.
    • Privatization can only mean less control is vested in public discourse and more is relegated to the demands of profit.
    • We feel that economic failure has created a situation where survival and law have been relegated to antagonistic positions.
    • She would be relegated to the ranks of his subordinates once more.
  • 2Britanico

    the team was relegated to the third division el equipo descendió / bajó a tercera división