Traducción de relent en Español:


transigir, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈlɛnt//rɪˈlɛnt/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (person) transigir
    (storm) amainar
    • Finally Christine relented and allowed Debbie to at least see if a kidney match was on - it was, but things were far from done and dusted.
    • One man who might catch the eye when the rain relents to allow the game to start is Dwayne Smith.
    • Her dad studied her for a minute before finally relenting.
    • We explained to the guy how this was going to look, and he finally relented.
    • She saw the look in Adonea's eye soften, and she finally relented.
    • But despite the best efforts of his closest aides, it was not until two hours later that the Pope finally relented, the report said.
    • The seller's emotion stays high, until the buyer finally relents.
    • Finally relenting to the tempting rays of sun, I undressed and sat down on the towel that I had already spread out.
    • He came back every day for a week, and I finally relented.
    • One driver stubbornly resists letting his girlfriend into his cancer-stricken life but finally relents and lets her do the driving.
    • The rain did not relent, and even seemed to be enhanced at times as its path became more horizontal.
    • Finally, she relents, replacing it within her purse.
    • As if finally relenting, the thing moved - first only slightly, before turning and walking along the outside of the fire light.
    • Time often dilutes anger and passion and Hollywood began to relent in its attitude against Kazan.
    • Finally relenting to Mrs Perez's request, she said, ‘Alright, I'll do it now.’
    • When Rachel's friends drag her drinking on a holiday party sometime in her third year she finally relents and starts drinking.
    • When the children cry for food, however, he finally relents.
    • The atmospheric storm of wind and rain relented in time for the start but Cork ran into another of Waterford's making.
    • Finally she relented and on March 14, 1998, she became party president.
    • And in the name of a good cause, Ponder, who works at the paper's Colchester office, has finally relented.
    • The mists did not relent to the light, they only fell around Nakita and the Neraks, and stayed upon them.
    • Outside, the sky rumbled, and the falling rain did not relent.
    • He finally relented to the truth with a foolish grin.
    • Vivian just looked at her and Annalise finally relented.
    • Finally, Cathena relents and leave Eric alone with her father.
    • But qualifying did go ahead yesterday as the rain relented to a drizzle though the track was still soaked.
    • Although the adverse weather had relented for the kick-off, earlier rain had left the Valerie Street pitch on the tacky side.