Traducción de relieve en Español:


calmar, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈliv//rɪˈliːv/

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1

      (pain) calmar
      (pain) aliviar
      (pain) mitigar literario
      (tension) aliviar
      (tension) relajar
      (monotony/uniformity) romper
      allow me to relieve you of your coat permítame que me ocupe de su abrigo
      • they successfully relieve tourists of their cash despluman a los turistas
      • to relieve sb of responsibility for sth eximir a algn de la responsabilidad de algo
      • if you could relieve me of some of the workload si pudieras hacerte cargo de parte del trabajo
      • to relieve sb of his/her duties/command relevar a algn de su cargo/del mando
      • She glanced round the shadowy room, noting the matching curtains and bed cover that attempted to relieve the gloom.
      • Does he have a solution for relieving the congestion on these already clogged roads?
      • I find that it relaxes my mind, helps me sleep and relieves stress.
      • Still another important effect is to soothe the lining of the bladder and greatly relieve pain and irritation.
      • I do not believe that the inspector was saying that: he merely noted, quite accurately, that the urban features did in fact relieve the landscape.
      • Placed in a wilderness of dark mountains, the scene is relieved by a flood of glaring light that holds the figures in a tableau of awful impact.
      • A teaspoon of oil added to a hot bath will also help to relieve muscular aches and pains.
      • Taken jointly, they prevent the progression of the disease, reduce inflammation, and relieve mild to severe pain.
      • See an orthosurgeon if your pain is not relieved by these simple measures.
      • Frequent baths, using colloidal oatmeal, also relieve symptoms.
      • Others find that simple antacids relieve their discomfort.
      • Shabby suburban streets are suddenly relieved by an almost strident red building, crisply detailed and well tended.
      • The motivation for prescribing the drugs must be to relieve suffering.
      • Antibiotics and painkillers can temporarily relieve symptoms such as swelling and pain but they are not long-term solutions.
      • Meantime, relieve the pain by applying a warm, damp cloth to your eyelid 10 minutes, four times a day.
      • But angina is nearly always relieved by rest, while a heart attack is not.
      • He said it would greatly relieve traffic congestion and should be part of the town development plan.
      • Sadly, however, it will do nothing to relieve their distress.
      • Oatmeal baths, available at the supermarket or pharmacy, can help to relieve itching.
      • Because physical exercise also relieves stress, your daily workout can help keep you healthy toe to head.
      • Aspirin or acetaminophen can relieve the discomfort associated with cold sores.
      • Yet, the beams prove futile in relieving the oppressing darkness.
      • Or will it relieve the pressure on parents who drive to school every day?
      • Their melodies echoed in our little wooden house, relieving the afternoon greyness.
      • Lack of open space to relieve hard-packed pavement and gap-toothed Main Streets drained by malls and sprawl sap the life from downtown.
      • He had no history of trauma and the pain was not relieved by rest.
      • For years he had been taking them once a week, as a way of unwinding and relieving the aches and pains from the hard manual labor required by his landscaping business.

    • 1.2(dispel worry of)

      • School was uneventful as usual; he was relieved when the bus stopped at the bus stop near his house.
      • It was a great deal lighter, and he was oddly relieved by that.
      • We were relieved when Ollie's fell off on Day 8, leaving his cute-as-a-button navel for us to admire.
      • All the tension that had built up was released, and she was relieved.
      • Although her children are relieved when she wakes up, the doctor tells them that any sudden shock could provoke another heart attack.
      • He held up a hand to stop her ramblings, and Jane was instantly relieved.
      • Patrick was relieved when he heard the last bell ring, signaling the end of the hectic school day.
      • It relieved him to see a smile finally break through the boy's complacent state as he returned the greeting.
      • She was relieved, therefore, when the blue-eyed face broke out in a grin.
      • No one was too badly hurt (save those who had already died); he was relieved at that.
      • He was relieved when she finally broke the silence between them.
      • When he finally resigned his post, a move that was several months too late in my opinion, I was relieved.
      • They walked deeper and deeper into the cemetery and finally, Al stopped and she was relieved.
      • I was relieved when her rattling breath filled the sudden quiet.
      • And I was actually relieved when he left because that kind of ended it for me.
      • As I finally reach the top of the climb I'm momentarily relieved.
      • I was relieved, even as I felt irked with myself for feeling that relief.
      • The process probably required only two minutes, and I was relieved when the signal finally came to shut down.
      • She was relieved only when they all broke out into smiles.
      • She was relieved when he finally stopped the bike in front of Casey's.

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    (fortress/town) liberar
    • The Red Army and navy attempted to relieve the city with a huge amphibious assault, the Kerch-Feodosiya operation, on 25 December.
    • His last hope of shoring up his flagging position was to relieve Richard's great fortress of Château-Gaillard, the key to Normandy, which Philip was besieging.
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    (sentry/guard) relevar
    • Every so often a trooper would don armour and cloak to go and relieve a guard on duty outside.
    • For example, a temporary hand-off occurs when a perioperative staff member is relieved for break or lunch or leaves the unit for a short time.
    • I slept in the bush with the soldiers… Finally a fresh battalion relieved our position.
    • Finally she drifted off to sleep, just as they left their tent to go and relieve Tom and Jay from their duty.
    • Litus had waited for a long time, waiting for one of the two to return, to relieve him from his watchful duties.
    • You're not relieved from duty until someone comes.
    • After having Otis relieve him for his 20-minute lunch break he went outside to find Mia waiting for him.

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