Traducción de reminiscence en Español:


recuerdo, n.

Pronunciación /ˌrɛməˈnɪsəns//rɛmɪˈnɪs(ə)ns/


  • 1

    (act of remembering)
    recuerdo masculino
    remembranza femenino literario
    • He salted the argument with just enough personal reminiscence to make it committed without being confessional.
    • More prosaically, the preference for what is known underlies the pleasures of nostalgic reminiscence and the company of old friends.
    • The Astros and White Sox worked hard to get to the series, but their rosters surely don't offer up fodder for grandfatherly reminiscence down the road.
    • There was nothing here but nostalgia and reminiscence.
    • Peter smiled weakly, unsettled by this swell of reminiscence.
    • I smiled in reminiscence as I ran my hands over it.
    • This one has you indulge in the reminiscence of five childhood food memories.
    • Mac smiled at his reminiscence as he looked at her sleeping now in her hospital gown.
    • It won't offer much in the way of analysis; it won't put forward any grand or foolish theories; personal reminiscence will be kept to a minimum; I have no expert knowledge to drop and I don't want to change your mind about anything.
    • It still makes me smile in reminiscence, seeing the look on a young kid's face when you drag him off the floor while the band plays on.
    • The sky turned red over Buckingham Palace as a 250,000-strong crowd and the royal family watched a Lancaster bomber scatter the flowers following a day of reminiscence, reflection and entertainment.
    • The website invites an assortment of love letters anything ranging from letters of reminiscence to letters that carry promises of unspoken love.
    • We told old stories, sure, but it was not merely wistful reminiscence.
    • Her talk and reminiscence were one of the highlights of the weekend.
    • She has not turned onto the dead-end road of reminiscence, disability and dependence, but rather onto the long, fulfilling road of life, happiness, and salvation.
    • If you expect a moment of regret and fond reminiscence you're very much mistaken.
    • Her existence had been wiped brutally from the earth, and yet he was already thinking of her in nostalgic reminiscence.
    • I bet that anyone who has passed this stage, will, at this point have a faint smile of fond reminiscence.
    • Sleepily, I recalled the events of the night with content reminiscence.
    • I believe the emphasis on nostalgic reminiscence indicated anxiety about a century marked by colonialism and military dictatorship, followed by a recent sharp decline in living standards and failure of infrastructure.
  • 2reminiscences plural

    recuerdos masculino
    memorias femenino
    we swapped reminiscences over a bottle of port rememoramos los viejos tiempos mientras dábamos cuenta de una botella de oporto
    • cutting short his friend's reminiscences interrumpiendo las evocaciones de su amigo