Traducción de remit en Español:


remitir, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈmɪt//rɪˈmɪt/

verbo transitivoremitted, remitting


  • 1

    (money/goods/payment) remitir formal
    (money/payment/goods) enviar
    • There is, however, no doubt that mistakes can occur where money is remitted by means of a money-transfer order.
    • You can invest in anything, you don't need government approvals, you can remit your profits out, and there are no equity restrictions.
    • If you grant me this appeal, then my friend from overseas is going to remit me some money and then I will be able to engage a barrister.
    • He also called on the media to assist in sensitisation programmes especially on ensuring that correct taxes were remitted and consumers received proof of purchase from sellers.
    • The payer must deduct standard rate income tax and remit it to the Revenue.
    • Currently, the tax code encourages firms to retain earnings and remit income to shareholders through share repurchases.
    • With the growth of online banking, companies were remitting salaries online and customers were making payments without having to physically step into a bank.
    • Mexicans working in the US remit an astounding $8 billion a year to Mexico, a figure nearly equal to total annual foreign investment in the country.
    • Until 1999, we remitted no sums by way of hire for the 3 ships.
    • The Federation remits money to the university to pay for the alcohol and maintenance.
    • In 1981, out-of-nation Pakistanis remitted $2 billion, which equaled thirty percent of the value of the nation's imports.
    • He is just trying to get back at me for not remitting him the money he wanted for organizing some bloody graduation parties!
    • Money is also remitted to families from relatives in New Zealand.
    • Demands for payment were made and a partial payment was remitted.
    • People in large numbers went abroad for work and remitted their earnings.
    • Any rent received from the property is fully taxable in Ireland, even if you do not remit the rent to Ireland.
    • If you plan to attend, please indicate this on the Congress registration form and remit the appropriate fee.
    • The total sum was eventually remitted to companies controlled by Ward in the United States.
    • Please remit the relevant amount to the office at your earliest convenience.
    • After remitting the sale proceeds - minus 40 per cent commission - to the bookstall owner, he winds up the show.
  • 2

    to remit a case to a lower court remitir un caso a un tribunal inferior
    • These matters are remitted to the Ontario Court of Justice for the imposition of a sentence warranted in law.
    • The appropriate course for me to take is to remit the matter to the disciplinary committee.
    • They are seeking legal costs and an order remitting the issue of their promotion to the PSC for reconsideration within 14 days.
    • The amendments were made, then the case was remitted in that form.
    • For that reason we submit that the appropriate course is to remit the matter to the Court of Appeal.
    • The relief sought is quashing of the Inspector's decision, and remitting the matter to the Secretary of State.
    • It remits that appeal for ‘determination by him’.
    • So you say if we took this matter on, allowed the appeal and remitted the matter to the Court of Appeal to seek a recalculation, it would not necessarily involve any amount of money at all?
    • They continued the hearing after having remitted back the critical issues to his Honour.
    • It is for him to decide, if I remit the matter to him, that particular issue.
    • I presume at some stage the question will arise whether, if the Full Court's approach was flawed, this Court should do more than set aside its order and remit the matter to it?
    • The jurisdiction of the arbitrator can only be protected if the award is also remitted to his reconsideration.
  • 3

    • 3.1(cancel)

      (debt/fine) perdonar
      (debt/fine) condonar formal
      (sentence) perdonar
      (sentence) condonar formal
      the judge remitted six months of his sentence el juez le redujo la pena en seis meses
      • As you will be aware, the punishment has already been remitted.
      • This would be a radical departure from the current system where relatively long-term loans are made to developing countries, with the IMF remitting funds only as a long list of conditions are satisfied.
      • Still, the harvest was down on the year before, and the miller was obviously in some difficulties, because he was remitted almost half his rent ‘by the kindness of the bishop’.
      • He thinks that hell isn't that bad, and if God isn't angered, he might remit the punishment of the fallen angels anyway.
      • The government must reconsider its position and put into place a system for remitting student debts for all those who enter the public sector.
      • Where he, by deception, induces P. to remit his debt, he commits the offence under Section 2(a).
      • Government and other institutions that owe billions of Kwacha in unpaid rate charges should work out programmes to remit the outstanding monies.

    • 3.2(forgive)

      (sins) perdonar

  • 4

    (efforts) moderar
    (vigilance) aflojar



  • 1

    (instructions) instrucciones femenino
    (area of authority) competencia femenino
    (area of authority) atribuciones femenino
    they have no remit to examine … no tienen instrucciones de investigar …
    • to fall within/outside sb's remit estar/no estar dentro de las atribuciones / la competencia de algn
    • the commission's remit is to examine … el cometido de la comisión es investigar …
    • Of course the judiciary protest too much as they extend their remit.
    • He has a broader remit and has already started conducting his own inquiry.
    • Since then, it has expanded far beyond its original remit.
    • The board will expand its remit to cover public liability and motor accidents later this year.
    • Covert video surveillance was research; it has been published as research and therefore did fall within the remit of the inquiry.
    • The station's public-service remit should guarantee that such a critical aspect of Irish life gets intelligent coverage.
    • Under its remit, the Task Force is expected to carry out a full review of academic employment in the University.
    • But the Governors also recognised their responsibility for ensuring that BBC Radio continued to meet its public service remit.
    • The legislation extends the commission's remit to deal with demand side management and energy efficiency.
    • Some doctors seek to widen their professional remit to cover the entire range of human experience.
    • Singular wine shops responded by extending their remit to beer and spirits.
    • For the tribunal to be able to fulfil its remit, there were many legal difficulties to overcome.
    • The issue for her critics is the extent to which her populist approach has compromised the channel's public-service remit.
    • What spheres of activity might fall within the remit of an international liaison, given this context?
    • I have frequently said that Lord Hutton's remit was too narrow.
    • In addition, it reviewed one appeal against the decision by the Head of Programme Complaints that a complaint did not fall within the remit of the Programme Complaints Unit, which was not upheld.
    • The government extended its remit as part of crime prevention across the aviation industry.
    • They were also routinely involved with much that would later fall within the remit of secular government, through their concern with such issues as the laws of marriage, the administration of wills, and perjury.
    • Why is this relevant to a discussion of the commission's remit?
    • But whether it fulfils this remit is another matter.