Traducción de remorseless en Español:


despiadado, adj.

Pronunciación /rəˈmɔrsləs//rɪˈmɔːsləs/


  • 1

    (criticism/hatred) despiadado
    (hatred/criticism) implacable
    (cruelty) feroz
    (cruelty) despiadado
    she was remorseless in her drive against corruption era implacable en su lucha contra la corrupción
    • In states with a death penalty, this is just the kind of killing - premeditated, commercial, often remorseless, a betrayal of humanity's deepest bond - that qualifies for the death penalty.
    • Nature is remorselessly cruel and none more remorseless than the slugs and snails that are currently trying to eat my lettuces before I can.
    • We're given to understand that because Charlie is tormented by guilt that he somehow occupies a higher rung on the moral ladder than his unrepentant, remorseless elder brother.
    • Corporate psychopaths score high on Factor 1, the ‘selfish, callous, and remorseless use of others’ category.
    • Peter (the eldest) is brutal, angry, and remorseless.
    • They are brutal and remorseless killers, undeserving of the legalism of international conventions, the U.S. government argues.
    • Cruise is as comfortable with darkly comic scenes as with the nuances of a remorseless killer.
    • Was he not actually the sensitive, caring pet I knew and loved, but rather a cruel, remorseless murderer?
    • ‘The psychology of a violent, remorseless murderer is not defined by connecting dots,’ Cornwell writes at the beginning.
    • A remorseless critic in Kraus's own mould might well argue that if you were wrong about Dreyfus it wouldn't matter too much what you were right about.
    • Throwing an adversary from the top of a car park is just one of his remorseless acts of violence.
    • These killings are planned, purposeful, and remorseless.
    • No one doubts that the Conqueror could be remorseless: not least in his wasting of parts of Yorkshire and the north-west in the desperate campaigning of 1069-70.
    • Frankly, I'm more inclined to find the former more contrived, since a remorseless thug and repenting Christian is a believable dyad.
    • These golden dragon-men overlooked the fact of what we were, supposedly vile, remorseless monsters in league with the Devourer himself.
    • Disgusted by her unrelenting pride for the Nazi regime, Helga vows to sever all emotional ties to her remorseless mother.
    • Why, the defamation of our good names paints us as remorseless ghouls bent on world domination!
    • Their subject is the gregarious, loquacious, remorseless killer Benoit.
    • He's going to make a statement at the end of these hearings and it sounds typically remorseless.
    • Uncle Charlie is a killer, but not remorseless or unempathic.