Traducción de remotely en Español:


remotamente, adv.

Pronunciación /rəˈmoʊtli//rɪˈməʊtli/


  • 1

    (at all, in the least)
    he wasn't even remotely interested no estaba ni remotamente interesado
    • it is remotely possible he'll come existe una remota posibilidad de que venga
    • The ravenous creatures themselves are perhaps the film's only remotely redeeming feature.
    • That fact does not mean all the basic tenets of ANY religion are correct or even remotely true.
    • There are four basic styles, though the way I do them, none of them appears even remotely stylish.
    • The next night we were miles away from anything even remotely resembling a resort.
    • That's not to say it's a bad idea, since the movie never ever pretends to have anything remotely to do with real life.
    • Most in-patients, according to him, are not even remotely connected with the mines and the union.
    • She had excellent health herself and was not remotely interested in being a health researcher or journalist.
    • And part of that story is the optimism that the human brain is not even remotely close to its limits on capacity.
    • Was anybody's high school experience even remotely close to that?
    • And it certainly does not need to be insular, or remotely reactionary.
    • Only Debbie seems to be remotely interested in the people around her.
    • No American president could dream of anything remotely like that today.
    • Not for decades would Hollywood produce anything even remotely like it.
    • I am unaware of any object published in the literature that is even remotely similar.
    • However, it was a beautiful day and didn't seem remotely spooky.
    • Moreover, in social terms he has had to bear a burden the others could not even remotely contemplate having to carry.
    • So here we have a young boy who is not remotely crazy but who none the less suffered greatly in an environment that prevented him from being the person he was.
    • It also doesn't help that I've never tried a hangover cure that was even remotely effective.
    • That's funny, I thought to myself, you must be mistaking me for someone who is remotely interested.
    • In other words, no compromise between these two views is remotely possible.
  • 2

    (situated) en un lugar apartado
    the two events are not even remotely connected no hay ni la más remota conexión entre los dos hechos
    • we're remotely related somos parientes muy lejanos
    • Do you need to be at the system to monitor and control it or can you operate remotely?
    • The required counterpart in code will be some mechanism for taking control of the machine in question, remotely.
    • They were connected to the timing device of a compact disc player designed to detonate them remotely.
    • Each turret was controlled separately and remotely from the bridge of the saucer.
    • The controls can be executed remotely via e-mail or a Web page.
    • So they would try to remotely control it back to the course they wanted it to take.
    • All devices that can be remotely accessed or controlled would also be at risk.
    • Two remotely controlled roving vehicles are now on the Martian surface.
    • It has started using the wireless networking technology to control trains remotely.
    • Can someone else turn on the control utility remotely in my machine?
    • In contrast, the little bird that flew around, remotely controlled, looked harmless enough.
    • The lifting bag also comes with a remotely controlled activator which can be triggered up to a kilometre away.
    • The Trojan allows infected machines to be controlled remotely by attackers in order to send spam, for example.
    • That's in addition to the troubleshooting we did remotely during the tank drain.
    • This would also allow the unit to be controlled remotely across a network keeping the cabling to a minimum.
    • Predator is remotely piloted, meaning a pilot controls the Predator via data link.